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Lightweight Metal Butt Plug with White Faux Fur Tail 2.5 Inch


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Like many things that were once considered 'niche', it's gained popularity and gone mainstream (yup, even butt plugs with animal tails). A little kinky but all quite common bedroom behaviour.

With this particular plug being one of our smaller offerings it's ideal for both beginners and experienced anal toy users. With the silver plug's eye-catching chrome finish the tease will begin before you've put lube on it.

It's old news that even experienced anal-players are taken by surprise when using their first metal toy; how it feels like no other material they've used before and how for some reason (though few can explain why) it feels sexier having smooth lubed-up metal slowly sliding in and out of their arse. Other toy materials cannot compete, glass comes second (for many).

It soon warms up to body temperature though many love those initial first seconds when the metal is still quite cool and it makes contact with their body.

Another feature that may help this plug find a happy home is it's part of our lightweight range; still 100% metal just nowhere near as heavy as many of the other metal toys we sell, almost as light as any jelly or silicone plug of identical size and style. Great for those who want to try a metal toy but are undecided about whether they want a weighty toy, take the strain off (both mind and bum) and don't think about it.

? Rest assured, if you ever want your arse to experience the weightiness some users go crazy for, you can always acquire a heavier metal toy further down the line, they're not going out of style anytime soon.

That's enough about all things metal, on to the showtime part of this toy: the fabulous, light, soft, lifelike furry tail.

12.5 Inches approx. of animal-like appendage for you and your partner to appreciate; how it looks, how it feels, and if it's that sort of party don't be surprised if everyone else asks for a light fondle (possibly a selfie).

Will you go from two legs to four and go searching for new adventures?

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

We advise you to only use water based lubricant with this toy.

Note: with metal toys we would normally say that both water and silicone based lubricants are fine but due to the furry tail we advise that it's probably best to avoid silicone based lubricant.

Note: over and above that last piece of advice we advise you to try to avoid getting lubricant on the furry tail altogether (water based or otherwise).

Product SKU: 35930
  • Metal butt plug with long animal tail (white) faux fur.
  • The cold might of metal meets the warm and embracing tenderness of fur.
  • Lightweight, unlike many metal toys.
  • Metal toy enthusiast, anal sex aficionado, animal role-player, fur-fetishist, all round exhibitionist or simply an open-minded adventurer: this toy is for you.
  • Small butt plug makes it ideal for all anal-players, beginners and experienced pros alike.

Butt plug

Insertable length: 2.44 Inches / 6.2 cm Approx.

Total length: 2.75 Inches / 7 cm Approx.

Diameter (at widest point): 1 Inch / 2.7 cm Approx.

Material: Body-safe metal.


Length: 12.5 Inches / 31.75 cm Approx.

Colour: white.

Material: Body-safe faux fur.

Weight (plug + tail): 65 g Approx.

Product SKU: 35930

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