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Flexible Urethral Sound with Thru-Hole 230 mm


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Slowly penetrate your penis and internally stimulate those highly sensitive penile nerve-endings with this Flexible Urethral Sound that, due to its incredible flexibility has no problem bending to the angles deep urinary probing requires.

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner. This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Made from body-safe metal (head-ring and connective parts only) and body-safe plastic (the tubing), this 230mm Flexible Urethral Sound is a great alternative to the rigid traditional metal sounds / dilators.

It's custom that long metal dilators are curved near the tip, allowing them to normally work harmlessly with the urinary system's natural contours. However, with everyone's body having unique dimensions sometimes the curve on the metal dilators won't be enough.

The brilliance of this dilator is its bendability; whatever angle is necessary for safe sounding this dilator can adapt to the user's demands.

Stroking your urethra internally provides a sublime feeling sounders say is on par with how it feels when you orgasm, only you're not actually ejaculating and it's not over after several seconds ?

? Though when you are ready to ejaculate, you won't even have to remove this dilator as it has a thru-hole that allows urine and semen to pass through it.

The plastic tubing can be detached from the metal connective parts, making cleaning a whole lot easier.

Located at the base of the sound (opposite the tip), fixed to the metal connective part is a non-removable metal head-ring (inner diameter 3 cm approx.), allowing the wearer can wear this sound for extended periods of time knowing it's not going to slip out (or slip in!).

Important: the head ring cannot be removed from the metal component at the base of the sound, if users intend to use this sound's head-ring we advise them to measure themselves before purchasing as metal is inflexible. This ring will not stretch like a regular cock ring.

Product SKU: 36901
  • Innovative urethral dilator; comprising mostly of flexible tubing, providing a degree of flexibility you won’t get with metal dilators.
  • Great for stimulating the penis internally, slowly stroking those highly sensitive nerve endings from the inside.
  • Longer than urethral plugs and probes, allowing it to reach the bladder.
  • The flexible tubing allows this sound to adapt to the urinary system’s natural contours, whereas metal dilators designed for bladder penetration need to be slightly curved towards the shaft’s tip.
  • Connective metal components are located in three places: a) at the base, b) middle of the shaft and c) at the tip.
  • Features a thru-hole; no need to remove this sound when the user needs to cum or pee. Also allows the user to wear it for extended periods of time.
  • Also allowing it to be worn for extended periods is the metal head-ring; worn just under the head of the penis, this ring stops the sound from slipping out if worn during the day, the ring also prevents the sound from slipping in (over-insertion).
  • The flexible tubing can be detached from the metal components, making cleaning easier and also allowing users to reduce the length of this dilator (if they wish).

Metal head-ring’s inner diameter: 1.4 Inches / 3 cm Approx.

Insertable length: up to 8.6 Inches / 21.8cm Approx.

Total length: 9.3 Inches / 23.3cm Approx.

Diameter: 2.4 Inches / 6 cm Approx.

Material: Body-safe metal (head-ring and connective components) and body-safe plastic (tubing).

Product SKU: 36901

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