Electro Sex Toys the exciting alternative to vibrators

For some years now, adult stores have been offering you a genuine alternative to the vibrations you’re probably already intimate with, giving you another way to tease and please your naughty bits.

Sadly, you may have either not noticed or not understood the benefits of one of the most unique and satisfying forms of sexual pleasure the sex toy industry has to offer; say hello to electrosex toys.


What is electrosex?

Whether playing solo or with a partner, electro sex is basically you getting your sexual kicks from using electro sex-toys; a type of sex toy that instead of offering a vibrating or rotating effect, produces an entirely different sensation known as ‘electrostimulation’, or ‘e-stim’ for short (Reference 1).

Electro sex-toys can be used to enhance masturbation, foreplay, intercourse, a lively bondage session or a softer night of intimacy with your lover.

Whatever your sweet spot (these toys can only be used below the waist), there is an electro sex-toy to stimulate it; cock rings that send e-stim straight to the shaft, clitoral stimulators, g-spot dildos, butt plugs, male masturbation sleeves, urethral sounds, prostate stimulators, even pinwheels and spankers for anyone into bondage/BDSM.

What is electrostimulation/e-stim?

Electro sex-toys work their magic by sending safe, very low-voltage, carefully controlled electrical signals directly to your nerve-endings, resulting in a tingling feeling and sometimes gentle muscle contractions that cause your erogenous zones to throb and pulsate with pleasure (Reference 2).

A good number of experienced electro sex-toy users say it’s more pleasurable than vibrations, ‘instead of stimulating the surface of the skin, the electrostimulation targets the nerve endings beneath.’ (Reference 3) Some electro sex-toy users claim they can climax with no additional stimulation needed, a hands-free orgasm! …

… And no, not all electro sex-toy users are into bondage or pain. So if hard-core bondage/BDSM is not your idea of a good time don’t think that electro sex isn’t for you.

So why do most adult shops have it in their bondage/fetish section? Now then, we never said it didn’t have a devilish side.


If you crank up the intensity, then yes, it definitely taps into that classic ‘pleasure is pain and pain is pleasure’ mentality.

But if you keep the settings at a low-intensity level, then it won’t give out anything that’s more powerful than the vibrations on your favourite vibrator … the tingle electro sex-toys produce will just feel different, completely different to anything you’ve experienced from a sex toy before.

If you are an electro sex beginner, we definitely recommend you spend a lot of time getting acquainted with its softer, gentler side (even if you are into bondage-play and are eager to combine it with electro sex.)


Electro sex-toys for beginners

9/10 times electro sex-toys operate from a small control unit, plugging the toy you want to play with into this control unit (cock ring, dildo, butt plug, etc). This control unit is the hub, controlling everything from what setting/pattern you have it on, to how intense you want the e-stim to be.

Is there a way you can experiment with electro sex without buying a control unit?

There are a couple of exciting exceptions to this rule that beginners will appreciate, especially if this will be your first time experimenting with e-stim:

These toys are first and foremost standard vibrators, producing vibrations that feel exactly like the vibrations you’re already used to, with an e-stim setting(s) as a secondary feature. The great thing about these two toys is if you sample the e-stim sensation and discover it’s not for you, then guess what? You still have a pair of fantastic vibrators to enjoy regardless.


Vibrating Love Egg with Electro Stimulation and Wireless Remote Control £79.95

The Vibrating Love Egg is a rechargeable mini vibrator that is designed for internal vaginal stimulation, but it can also be used as a clitoral stimulator with it having a wireless remote control. Pesky wires will no longer get in the way and distract you at that vital moment, your lover can even take control and operate it from across the room; kinky.

This vibrating love egg can also function as a Kegel exerciser, aiding anyone with their vaginal pelvic floor exercises. It features:

  • 7 modes of vibration; multiple speeds/intensities, patterns, escalations.
  • 3 modes of electrostimulation; a steady, pulsating tingle effect at 3 different intensity levels.
  • The vibrations and electrostimulation can be operated either separately or together.
  • Made from silky smooth, body-safe silicone.


Pink Rabbit Vibrator with Electro Stimulation Feature £59.95

The rabbit vibrator is a dual g-spot and clitoral vibrator; the classic rabbit head/eared clitoral stimulator paired with a medium-size shaft that features a very slight curve at the tip, making it suitable for g-spot stimulation. It features:

  • 7 modes of vibration; multiple speeds/intensities, patterns.
  • 1 mode of electrostimulation; a lively, steady-rhythmic pulse/tingle.
  • Choose to have just one of the sensations switched on, or enjoy both the vibrations and electrostimulation at the same time.
  • Only the shaft produces electrostimulation, not the rabbit head/eared clit stimulator.
  • Made from gorgeously smooth, body-safe silicone.

These two toys are remarkably unique in that they bridge the gap between a standard vibrator and an electro sex-toy.

However, the vast majority of electro sex-toys, even beginner toys, revolve around a control unit.

Classic beginner electro sex-toys


ElectraStim Flick E-Stim Stimulator £119

Suitable for electro sex-toy users of all levels, the rechargeable Flick from ElectraStim contains all you need to start your e-stim journey. Included with the central unit are four self-adhesive electrode pads that you can stick anywhere below the waist and send waves of electrostimulation directly to that body part. The Flick is also compatible with all of ElectraStim’s attachments (dildos, anal toys, cock rings, etc), so if you want to progress beyond the pads there is nothing stopping you.

Equipped with 7 in-built stimulation patterns, with the ability to increase or decrease each pattern over 24 intensity levels, it can go from barely being felt – even by beginners – to an intensity level that has a hardened bondage enthusiast raising their eyebrows.

What makes the Flick unique amongst electro sex-toys is in addition to the 7 stimulation patterns, it features a motion-controlled setting that echoes the pace and intensity of your wrist movements, hard and fast or soft and slow, the choice is yours. (Reference 4)



Electro-Sex Control Box with Anal Plug £69.95

This battery-operated Control Box from Electro-Sex is aimed at the lower end of the e-stim market, be it first-timers or those on a tight budget. It’s certainly more entry-level than ElectraStim’s Flick but that’s not to say it won’t delight the user’s nether regions.

Equipped with 4 different modes of e-stim, it features a dial on the side of the unit that increases or decreases the intensity of each mode. To get you started, they have included a petite metal anal plug.

And yes, they have actually named themselves after the sexual kink they’re catering to.

ElectaStim vs Electro-Sex; what’s the difference between these two brands?



Since 2001, ElectraStim have been market leaders in producing high-spec products, responsible for multiple design innovations in their field (resulting in numerous industry awards) and have made a valuable contribution to the overall popularisation of electro sex. In short, they are contenders for being the best electro sex-toy company in the world; it’s as simple as that.

ElectaStim products, both their central units and attachments are definitely favoured by the experienced e-stim player. It also has to be said, many beginner users who opt for an ElectraStim product have usually been given a demonstration by our in-store staff which involves the customer holding an ElectraStim probe in their hand with the central unit on a low intensity.

Not only is this the best way to discover whether e-stim floats your boat, but it also does justice to the quality of ElectraStim’s products. Find your nearest store in the UK here.



Perhaps lacking the pedigree and industry accolades of ElectraStim, but Electro-Sex has introduced some exciting attachments that no doubt has caused more celebrated electro sex companies to think “I wish we’d thought of that”, particularly their Testicle Stimulator & Penis Sheath and rectum stretching Expanded Butt Plug.

Electro-Sex tends to be more affordable than ElectraStim (certainly their central units) and has a less extensive range of attachments.

Electro sex-toys for intermediate and advanced users

As far as Pulse & Cocktails’ are concerned, when it comes to keeping the experienced electro sex-toy user entertained we’re sticking with ElectraStim products; they really are the e-stim connoisseur’s choice.


Sensavox Stimulator £299

The Sensavox is ElectraStim’s ace card; their A-list celebrity that wouldn’t look out of place in a sex professional’s dungeon or taking pride of place in an e-stim aficionado’s toy box.

It’s a dual-channel device so you can connect two ElectraStim bipolar attachments (or four unipolar attachments) and have them all running simultaneously for exhilarating solo or couples play. Equipped with 9 pre-programmed stimulation patterns and a whopping 99 intensity levels, the user is able to incrementally increase or decrease each pattern with a level of precision other e-stim units would struggle to rival.

An ingenious feature is the ‘boost’ button; causing a very brief power surge, boosting power by 25%, to either make that climactic moment even more intense or show an unruly Sub who’s in charge if used in a BDSM environment (Reference 5).

The Sensavox Stimulator includes a universal plug adaptor that allows the Sensavox to be used directly from the mains anywhere in the world, or if you prefer, it can run off a single 9V battery.

As far as electro sex goes, the Sensavox really is as good as it gets.


Flick Duo E-Stim Stimulator £199

Think all the fun you can have with ElectraStim’s original Flick Stimulator (featured earlier in this article) and then double it.

Instead of one channel, the Flick Duo has two channels to play with (two outputs instead of one), allowing you to connect any two of ElectraStim’s bipolar attachments or any four unipolar attachments for thrilling solo or couples-play.

Before we continue, we don’t expect everyone to be a qualified electrician, so …

… Unipolar toys, bipolar toys; what’s the difference?

ElectraStim offers both unipolar and bipolar attachments to plug into their central units.

ElectraStim Unipolar

The simplest example of unipolar attachments and how they work are the electrode pads that come included with the Flick E-Stim Stimulator and the Flick Duo; if you only apply one pad to your body you won’t feel a thing, but if you stick a second pad to your body and complete the circuit, the flow of electricity is able to travel through both the stimulators and your body uninterrupted. (Reference 6)

One advantage of this is the ability to have two different unipolar attachments (or stimulators, if you prefer that term) pleasuring different body parts at the same time. Safety Tip – as long as both body parts are below the waist, never use electro sex devices above the waist.

ElectraStim Bipolar

Combining both electrodes (positive and negative), it doesn’t require another attachment to complete the circuit and allow the flow of electricity to work its magic. Simply plug the bipolar attachment into an ElectraStim central unit, like the Flick or the Sensavox, and then insert or apply it to whatever body part it’s designed to stimulate.

Right, back to the toys …




Electra G-spot Dildo £65

This nice-size dildo is made from 100% body-safe silicone and has a texture that is soft but not overly squishy. The curved tip is ideal for either g-spot stimulation or prostate massage.

Insertable length: up to 5 inches approx. Diameter of shaft: 1.5 inches approx (at widest point).






Jack Socket E-Stim Male Stroker £99

Having brushed off the old out-dated stigma, men’s sex toys are now as popular as women’s toys, with masturbator sleeves/strokers playing a central role to this much-needed change in attitude.

ElectraStim’s Jack Socket keeps one of the main features that have made male masturbators so popular, an inner-lining that has a slightly bumpy texture to lovingly caress the user’s penis as they stroke back-n-forth. What separates this masturbator from all the rest is this one also produces the highly intoxicating feeling of electrostimulation.

Does masturbation get any better?



Electra Urethral Probe 5mm £59

Whilst we highly recommend every man try urethral probing at least once in their life (or “sounding” as it’s commonly referred to), we do not recommend one that produces electrostimulation as your introduction into another one of life’s most misunderstood sexual pursuits.

Sounding without the e-stim sensation is pleasurable enough, internally stroking penile nerve-endings that normally only receive attention when you either pee or ejaculate, but with electrostimulation factored into the equation the satisfaction levels just went through the roof.

If you’re an experienced sounder and are searching for a way to make sounding feel even more incredible, an electro sex sound is definitely an idea worth exploring.


Are Electro Sex toys safe?

Yes, Electro Sex toys are safe, just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and advice. See some of the top tips of advice below.

Disclaimer – Pulse and Cocktails accept no liability of the misuse for electro sex toys. Always consult the manufacturer guidelines and advice and if needed seek professional medical advice from your GP before using.

  • Electro sex-toys should never be used in or around water.
  • Electro sex-toys should never be used on any body part above the waist.
  • Electro sex-toys should never be used by anyone who has any sort of heart condition.
  • Electro sex-toys should never be used by anyone who has been fitted with a mechanical medical device (such as a pacemaker).
  • Electro sex-toys should never be used by anyone who has epilepsy or is pregnant.
  • Electro sex-toys should never be used by anyone who is suffering from any sort of penile or vaginal disorder.
  • Electro sex-toys should never be used by anyone who is currently menstruating (internal electrodes/toys only).
  • Only use an electro sex-toy to stimulate the body part it was intended to stimulate. In other words, if a toy is not designed for anal-play then do not insert it inside your/your partner’s anus … not even partially.
  • It is recommended that users remove all jewellery before using electro sex-toys.
  • Do not use any electrodes (electro-pads and all other attachments; butt plugs, pinwheel, etc) on any area of the body that suffers from ‘skin inflammation or irritation’. (Reference 7)

That last warning about never using electro sex-toys on skin that is suffering from any type of distress, irritation or inflammation is a safety point that in our opinion is often undervalued, as ‘the same electric pulse can have quite different effects depending on the targeted area, to the point that it may feel imperceptible on one point and unbearable on another’. (Reference 8) Cuts and skin abrasions will resist the electrical current’s effects by up to 90% less than healthy skin tissue, so skin areas afflicted by all of the previously mentioned conditions should never be used in any sort of electro sex activity. (Reference 9)

Finally, only use water-based lubricant and ElectraStim’s Electro Conductive Gel with electro sex-toys.

  • Water-based lubricant for internal attachments.
  • Electro conductive gel for external attachments.

Never use baby oil, massage oil, Vaseline, or any oil-based lubricant or silicone-based lubricant.

We know a lot of people like to incorporate silicone-based lubricant into their sex life, but never use any of these products with electro sex-toys, not just because silicone is an insulating material, but also because a lot of the electro sex attachments are either made from body-safe silicone (ElectraStim) or body-safe rubber (Electro-Sex) – two toy materials that should only be used with water-based lubricant, otherwise you risk the toy degrading.

Now you’re an electro sex expert get ready to turn it up a notch on the voltmeter and start your tingling journey! Visit our Electro Sex-toys section to see our wide range of electro-sex toys, it’s electrifying.


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