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Electro-Sex Control Box Set with Anal Plug
Electro-Sex Control Box Set with Anal Plug
Electro-Sex Control Box Set with Anal Plug
Electro-Sex Control Box Set with Anal Plug
Electro-Sex Control Box Set with Anal Plug
Electro-Sex Control Box Set with Anal Plug

Electro-Sex Control Box Set with Anal Plug

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Use code: Electro at checkout for 50% OFF any Electro-sex accessory when you buy an Electro-sex Starter Kit! Electro sex-toys use a very low voltage electrical current to produce 'electrostimulation'; mild muscle contraction combined with a gentle shock that feels similar to pins-and-needles (if used on a low-intensity level), resulting in increased nerve-sensitivity. Increased nerve sensitivity = enhances masturbation, foreplay and intercourse. Electro-Sex Control Box; a central hub that allows users to plug-in Electro-Sex branded stimulators, enabling the user to control the stimulator's various settings and each individual setting speed and intensity level. Two input sockets; operate two Electro-Sex branded stimulators from this one control box (both stimulators will function on the same setting, speed and intensity level as they operate from the same channel). Included is a petite metal anal probe to get you started. Settings include: a) Tap: a steady paced rhythm that produces a continuous tap-tap-tap-tap sensation (no surprise considering the name). b) Vibrating: this setting produces several seconds of electrostimulation, before stopping ever-so-briefly ? and it's off again for several more seconds (and repeat, and repeat, and repeat). Never to be confused with the vibrations on a vibrator. Electro sex-toys do not vibrate, they produce electrostimulation (previously explained in this 'Key Features' section) and Electro-Sex branded items are no exception. c) Massage: very similar to the 'Vibration' setting, except it lasts a few seconds longer and is naturally more intense (even without adjusting the intensity on the dial). d) Auto: very similar to the 'Tap' setting, except it will speed up and slow down without you having to manually adjust the tempo. Capable of giving out electrostimulation powerful enough to satisfy the experienced electro sex-toy user. Equally suitable for beginners; low intensity to calm those first-time butterflies, with the option of cranking up the intensity level when you're good and ready. Budget friendly, ideal for beginners who are eager to try something new, exciting and daring, but are unsure whether they will be smitten for life (the best thing to do is visit one of our stores for a demo - hold the stimulator in your hand and experience electrostimulation in a controlled and safe environment). Important: only use Electro-Sex branded products with other Electro-Sex branded products. Electro-Sex branded products are incompatible with other electro sex-toy manufacturers (including ElectraStim). If used with another electro sex-toy manufacturer, you risk your Electro-Sex branded product becoming damaged beyond repair. Health warning: we strongly recommend seeking medical advice before engaging in any electro sex-toy activity if you have any form of heart condition, have been fitted with a mechanical medical device (such as a pacemaker), suffer from epilepsy, or are pregnant. For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner. We advise you to only use water based lubricant with this toy.

Product SKU: KHT001
  • Ideal electro-sex starter kit for those wanting to experience electrostimulation for the first time.
  • Always read instructions and warnings before use.
  • Various modes of stimulation.
  • Compatible with other electro-sex products.

Control Box
Size: 10cm x 6cm x 1cm (all approx).
Power: Batteries, requires 2 x AAA batteries ,not included.
Material: made from body-safe plastic.
Metal Anal Probe (included with the Control Box)
Insertable length: 3.1 Inches / 8 cm Approx.
Total length: 3.5 Inches / 9 cm Approx.
Diameter (at widest point): 1.1 Inches / 2.8 cm Approx.
Material: made from body-safe metal.

Product SKU: KHT001

Product Reviews (1)

Wow! Having never tried this type of toy before. I was a little unsure what to expect. However the results are amazing. Much more intense and focused than a vibrator and completely silent (Well other than my moans and gasps). Takes a little bit of adjustment to get the probe in the right spot, but you know when you do. The different options the control offers are also good, allows variation with the same toy. Highly recommended

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