Couples Sex Toys for Beginners

Okay, you and your partner have both decided to introduce a sex toy to your relationship. You’ve heard so many good things about these naughty little gadgets, you’ve finally realised it’s time to start trying them. Once you have decided to experiment with sex toys you are already on the exciting road to better sex. The next step is choosing the right sex toys for you to use as a couple.

Why Do Couples Use Sex Toys?

Sex toys can benefit your relationship in so many ways, the key to a happy sex life is one that is enriched with variety, excitement and communication; sex toys help you achieve all of those things. Below are a few ways sex toys make your sex life better:

    • Sex toys add variety and spice into a bedroom routine that has become boring. Sex toys help people (especially women) achieve more intense orgasms more frequently..erm yes, please.
    • Sex toys encourage you to become more open and adventurous in your sex life. Sex toys help you and your partner engage in longer, more intense foreplay.
    • Sex toys take the pressure off you and your partner to perform exceptionally between the sheets.

How To Chose The Right Sex Toy For Your Relationship?

There is a huge selection of products to choose from on the sex toy market, toys that vibrate, toys that penetrate, toys for different holes and even toys that make moaning noises. So, finding the right sex toy for your relationship can be a tricky task for beginners. The most important step is discussing with your partner what toys turn you on and what toys turn you off. Are you looking for something big or small? A toy for solo pleasure or one you can get simultaneous pleasure from together? Sit down with your partner and scroll through the hundreds of sex toys on our website to discover each other’s preferences. Or, come into one of our many stores across the UK where you can see, feel and touch the toys for yourself.

If one, or both of you are new to sex toys and aren’t yet masters of how to use them correctly then always start off small and stay away from larger sex toys. Trying to run before you can walk in the world of large sex toys could leave you so you can’t walk at all.. for the next week at least. Starting of with small sex toys will ease both of your bodies into sex toys in a pleasurable way. Going straight for the stallion dildos may cause physical pain and put you off sex toys for life!

The Best Beginner Sex Toys for Couples

To help you get started on your road to sex toy discovery we have put together a collection of our favourite sex toys for first-timers:

The best beginner couples sex toys for her

The Bullet

Pink Mini Vibrator Bullet (£9.95): This small and stylish bullet is perfect for beginners just discovering the joys of adult toys!

Or try:

The My Toy Rechargeable Bullet (£49.95): Try the my toy bullet for an extremely powerful and durable bullet that is a worthy investment into your sex life. Built to last this rechargeable silicone beauty will have you buzzing for many months to come.

Non-threatening, pocket-size, simple to use and more versatile than it looks. Predominantly vibrating bullets are used for clitoral/vaginal (external) stimulation but we see no reason why you can’t use it to tease the nipples, inner thighs or anywhere else that instinctively feels right. Bullets are also unisex, the amount of men who are discovering the joys of applying a dash of lubricant to their manhood and gliding the bullet up and down their shaft is on the increase, big time!

Remote Control Love Egg 

Groove Touch Mini Love Egg (£19.95): This wireless remote control love egg offers 12 speeds of vibration and is the perfect power play tool for first-time sex toy couples.

Pocket-sized, powerful and playful; remote control love eggs are perfect toys to help you and your partner get kinky in the bedroom. Using a love egg with a wireless remote allows one partner to be pleasured while the other holds all the control with the remote in their hands (naughty and we love it). These versatile magic eggs can be used for both internal and external stimulation of the vagina, clitoris, or any other areas on the body you desire to run it along. There is no reason men can’t get enjoyment out of love eggs too. Try running one of these beauties along his gooch and around the rim of his anus to blow his mind…and most likely his load.

Small Rabbit Vibrators

Small Pleasure Rabbit Vibrator (£39.95): This dinky little rabbit is not too big to intimidate a first-timer, whilst still packing a lot of oomph in the power department.

Similar to the bullet, small rabbit vibrators are petite in size, non-intimidating, easy on the eye and also easy to operate. Where the rabbit differs from the bullet is it can be used for both external and internal vaginal stimulation. Simply slip the phallic-shaped end inside the vagina and use the rabbit ears to stimulate the clitoris. Trust us you will be experiencing earth-shattering orgasms. If you are wanting to pleasure the G-spot go for a vibrator with a curved bendy shaft so it can more easily stroke that sweet spot.

The best beginner couples sex toys for him

Anal Butt Plug

Vibrating Mini Bullet (£14.95): This teenie weenie anal butt plug is perfect for first-timers wanting to embark on an anal adventure. Let your partner take hold of the remote control to experiment with power-play.

Unearth new sensations you never thought possible with an anal butt plug. For men using an anal butt plug or prostate massager can help them stroke that elusive male The refers to the prostate and is basically the male equivalent of the female Once activated this spot provides orgasmic pleasure. Although ladies don’t have a prostate they can enjoy butt plugs too, anal exploration is fun for everyone involved no matter what gender. Try using this small butt plug during foreplay to get you both excited and aroused for the big finale.  Always start off small with any anal toys and work your way up to bigger things (if you chose). They say great things come in small packages and with butt plugs that is most definitely true. We recommend using our anal lubricant with a special relaxant in to help your bottom relax into play.

Male Masturbators 

Silicone Ribbed Male Masturbator (£17.95): Now you can treat your man to the best handjob ever without even getting sticky hands, using this textured, easy to use, silicone male masturbator.

Male masturbators have a textured sleeve designed to imitate the pleasure and sensations felt during penetrative or oral sex. Masturbators come in different shapes and styles from realistic vaginas to stylish black moulds; so there really is a style to suit everyone penis. Not just for solo use, masturbators offer a unique interaction between partners, using a masturbator during foreplay adds in new and exciting pleasure sensations you can’t receive from hands alone. If the idea of imitation flesh doesn’t excite you try the silicone ribbed male masturbator, ribbed for your pleasure whilst being minimalist and discreet.

The best beginner couples sex toys for dual pleasure

Cock Ring

The Oh Ring, Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring (£39.95): This powerful cock ring made from high-quality silicone is an ideal sex toy for couples to start with.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘love ring’, regardless of what you call it the man wears this little device on his penis at the base of the shaft. Once erect, it should be slid to the base of the penis (please use lubricant, we cannot stress that enough). It should be tight, but not uncomfortable.

The main function of a cock ring is to prevent blood from leaving his penis so he not only lasts longer but his erection will be slightly bigger, girthier and juicier than normal (the way it is when he’s really got a throb-on … apologies, we couldn’t think of any other way to describe it).

The benefits don’t stop there. A lot of cock rings now vibrate so when the man is wearing it and things are in full flow the ring vibrates against the other person’s intimate area, sending intense “oh my” rumblings where they desire them most. Some cock rings come with a removable bullet, great if you’re thinking of investing in a vibrating bullet as it becomes a 2-in-1.

Warning: if the bullet is not designed to be removed, do not remove it. This will only result in you breaking a perfectly good toy.

Adventurous Sex Toys Couples Can Use Outdoors

The thought of sex outdoors gets most people more turned on than a virgin in a strip club. It’s kinky, it’s exciting and it’s downright naughty. Whilst sex outdoors is great, taking some small, discrete sex toys on your next alfresco adventure will make it even better. So, we have put together a list of our favourite sex toys you can use outside.

Duo Vibe Couples Toy 

Duo Vibe Couples Toy (£99): Possibly the most versatile couples sex toy ever made!

The duo vibes small and discreet size allows this toy to be easily hidden underneath clothing meaning you can get jiggy with it inside you while outside, without anyone else suspecting a thing; other than your partner, of course, because they will have the remote control. Great for beginner couples starting out on their sex toy discovery due to its versatility. Easily move this couples sex toy into a range of different positions; use as a love egg and pleasure the vagina and clitoris at the same time, place along the balls and under the gooch to send earthshattering sensations up his penis, or wear inside the vagina during penetration to receive simultaneous pleasure. This toys diverse range of uses will help first-timers explore areas of their body they enjoy being stimulated. As if that wasn’t enough it is also rechargeable (no more batteries woohoo), with a wireless remote control to let your partner take control; did someone say power play? The remote control has a very long range so you won’t lose connection whether you end up in a field or funfair.

Butt Plug 

 Black Mini 3 inch Butt Plug (£9.95): Simply, slide this discrete little butt plug inside to turn your next walking trip into a kinky one.

Definitely not just designed for the bedroom, butt plugs are ideal toys to take out on an outdoor event. Small in size, discrete but still deliciously pleasurable, you can literally fit most small butt plugs in your pocket! For an exciting excursion have both of you wear a butt plug before you go out on a hike or date, then discuss the sexy sensations you are both feeling as the day goes on. Trust us you won’t be finishing this date with your clothes on.

The Best Splashproof Couples Sex Toys

Shower sex just got soo much hotter! Incorporating some splashproof toys into your sexy side drawer will encourage you to get out of the bedroom, and start getting it on in new places around the house, or outside the house…

Double Ended Dual Vibrator

U-Smile Double Ended Dual Vibrator (£89.95): This U-smile shaped, splashproof vibrator will be doing more than just making you smile when you take it in the shower.

This versatile double-ended dual vibrator can be used for anal, clitoral and vaginal stimulation! It offers vibrations so quiet you will never be able to hear it over the sound of running water. Easily move this toy in to a range of different positions, it can be used to pleasure her internally and externally, pleasure his penis, or have her wear it inside the vagina and both partners can receive orgasmic sensations. The soft, silky silicone toy has a wireless remote control with extra long-range, allowing one partner to pleasure the other while they have a hot splash around in the shower. Oh yeah, did we mention to turbo mode capable of turning any legs to jelly?

Splashproof Mini Massage Wand 

Elegance Powerful Mini Wand Vibrator (£69.96): Powerful yet discreet, the splashproof mini-massage wand is the perfect splashproof vibrating friend.

Small in size yet big in oomph, this quiet and powerful mini-massage wand is the perfect couples toy for beginner sex toy user who want to have some fun splashing around. Designed specifically for external use, this wand can pleasure both men and women. Using a small amount of lube, rub the wand around the clitoris to buzz you or your partner to orgasm heaven. Or get on your knees in the shower and run the wand along your partner’s shaft, across his gooch, and down to the rim of his anus to deliver intense pleasure.

Top tip: try getting your tongue involved at the same time, to deliver the best blow job he has ever had.

Important: Please note we only advise the products mentioned above to be used as splashproof and not waterproof. Rather than fully submerging your sex toy in water, try using it for some sexy fun splashing around instead.

So, now you have read all about these amazing sex toys for you and your partner to wrap your legs around, all that’s left to do is decide on the perfect one for you. 

At pulse and cocktails, we understand purchasing your first sex toy can be an exciting but very daunting task. That’s why we have got you covered with our super discreet delivery service, all of our parcels are delivered in brandless, discrete packaging so you don’t have to worry about the postman finding out where your parcel has come from. If you would prefer to feel the vibrations and materials of our sex toys in person, come into one of our many stores across the UK where one of our friendly staff will be happy to talk you through all the sex toys we have available. Please note some of the products mentioned in this article or online only, but you can always click and collect in store!

Last but not least here are out top 4 sex toy essentials every bedside drawer needs to be stocked up on: 

  • Lubricant: You should always be using lubricant with your sex toys. Lube enhances pleasure by making things feel extra slippery and extra silky. Using lubricant also prevents any nasty friction occurring. Important: If you are using a silicone toy you will need to use a water-based lubricant.
  • Toy Cleaner: To keep your toys in best condition always clean before and after using with our specially formulated toy cleaner. Read our guide here to get clued up on how to clean your sex toys.
  • Condoms: Safe sex is sexy. Don’t get caught slipping and end up with a sexually transmitted disease. Always be prepared with a pack of condoms.
  • Dragon Strong Herbal Enhancers: These all-natural male sex enhancers will provide you with bigger, thicker and girthier erections that will last longer. Oh yeah, and did we mention ready to go again quicker? Check out our blog on these magic little herbal enhancer pills dragon strong and why you need to be taking them.

Thanks for reading and happy romping.