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The Ultimate Student Sex Guide

Freshers Week 101

Are you merely days away from packing up half your bedroom and getting ready for your first day of university life? It’s natural to be experiencing both types of butterflies; the good type you feel when you’re buzzing with excitement, and the type of nervous energy you get when doing something life-changing, so we’re making one part easier with the ultimate guide to student sex!

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What the New UK Porn Verification Means for You and How to Beat It!

After years of parents, children’s charities, politicians and various other social bodies voicing concern about how easy it is for children to access pornography online, new laws are now being put in place to help protect minors from being able to access pornography. The vast majority of minors are not yet equipped with the life experience to understand porn in its proper context (“these performers are professionals, don’t try this at home people”), the Government has realised it cannot kick this issue into the long-grass anymore and has finally decided to take action.

Designed to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to prevent under-18s from being able to freely watch pornography on the internet, the Digital Economy Act 2017 (Part 3) comes into effect this year. (Reference 1)


If you’re reading this and thinking this new law doesn’t affect you because you’re over 18, you’re wrong.

This piece of legislation will change the way that everyone in the UK who uses the internet to watch porn continues to watch porn. Including the 359% rise in female porn watchers too.

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Electro Sex Toys the exciting alternative to vibrators

For some years now, adult stores have been offering you a genuine alternative to the vibrations you’re probably already intimate with, giving you another way to tease and please your naughty bits.

Sadly, you may have either not noticed or not understood the benefits of one of the most unique and satisfying forms of sexual pleasure the sex toy industry has to offer; say hello to electrosex toys.


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