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Funniest Sex Toy Searches of 2019 + Who’s Been Bonding over Bondage

As 2019 draws to a close we look back nostalgically on what a fun and flirtatious year it has been in the world of Pulse and Cocktails. We wonder what all our lovely and loyal customers have been getting up to this year, and after analyzing our statistics one thing we do know is this kinky nation has been spending the past year getting freaky in the bedroom!

bonding-over-bondage-blog-thumbnail-funny searches from 2019

This year has been booming around all things bondage as more people open their eyes (and legs) to the wonderful world of fetish, bondage and all things kink. We love keeping the UK population stocked up on their favorite fetish wear, bondage and sex essentials but most of all we love making sure everyone’s sex stays exciting!

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What the New UK Adult Film Verification Means for You and How to Beat It!

After years of parents, children’s charities, politicians and various other social bodies voicing concern about how easy it is for children to access adult films and content online, new laws are now being put in place to help protect minors from being able to access it. The vast majority of minors are not yet equipped with the life experience to understand adult content in its proper context (“these performers are professionals, don’t try this at home people”), the Government has realised it cannot kick this issue into the long-grass anymore and has finally decided to take action.

Designed to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to prevent under-18s from being able to freely watch pornography on the internet, the Digital Economy Act 2017 (Part 3) comes into effect this year. (Reference 1)


If you’re reading this and thinking this new law doesn’t affect you because you’re over 18, you’re wrong.

This piece of legislation will change the way that everyone in the UK who uses the internet to watch adult films continues to watch them. Including the 359% rise in female watchers too.

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The History of Sex Toys Uncovered

Have you ever wondered where it all started?  Who was the first person to use a foreign body for sexual stimulation?

What is it that first started the sexual revolution that has progressed to this huge profusion of sex toys stimulators and pleasures that we have today. What was the first ever dildo?

Pulse and Cocktails the history of sex toys

Well, as far as we know it all started in 26,000 BC with an eight inch long stone dildo discovered in the famous Hohle Fels Cave in Germany. This phallic shaped sculpture is thought very likely to have been used as a sex aid by its Ice Age makers. Humans might not have been able to read or have known how to write, but we knew how to have sex! Needless to say, we’ve come a long way since then!

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Why Women Should Watch Adult Films and the Benefits of Watching It

Have you ever found yourself getting turned on by watching a sex scene in a movie, or perhaps an erotic music video? We all have! Becoming aroused watching other people enjoy the pleasures of sex (and everything that comes with it), is completely natural and normal. Here at Pulse and Cocktails, we are on a mission to break the taboo around women watching pornography. Adult content is not just for men to watch and there are lots of benefits for both sexes by watching.

Read on further to discover tips on all the advantages of watching pornography and how it can improve your sex life.

Why women should watch pornography

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Alternative Sexy Easter Gifts

Busy watching your waistline over the Easter period and don’t want to eat chocolate? Bored of the fluffy bunnies and chocolate eggs?

We have some sexy alternatives which will no doubt brighten up your Easter bank holiday.

Elissa Rechargeable Egg Elissa Rechargeable Egg

This luxury egg is wireless, multi-speed, rechargeable and remote controlled! Remove the restrictions that wires give you – and enjoy, what we think, is an ideal couples toy. Many couples choose to use this outside their home – why not have some fun this bank holiday weekend?




Chocolate Body Paint Chocolate Body Paint
You’re a chocolate lover – so why not merge your two loves this bank holiday and get your lover all lathered in scrumming chocolate and lick it all off? This tasty choc body paint is sure to be plenty of fun and can help revive the spark in a long-term relationship.





Triple Eggs Triple Eggs

If you’re looking for an Easter Egg that won’t add to your waistline – why not try our Triple Eggs (jiggle balls). They give incredible internal sensations but they are great at toning your pelvic floor muscles too.




Breathable Ball Gag Restraint Kit

Maybe you’re going away this bank holiday, take along something a little extra to make your trip even more exciting. Ideal for beginners who are new to BDSM!

Whatever you’re looking for this bank holiday – with our Click and Collect service, you can collect your gift over the bank holiday period from any of our stores!! Why don’t you see if you’re in our hot zone and find your nearest store?

What it’s like working in our Cheltenham store


A giant, inflatable, pink blow-up sex toy, hovering in the air, is what your eyes first meet when you walk into one Cheltenham adult shop.

From the outside, Pulse and Cocktails is a part of a collection of small shops based at the Kingsditch Industrial Estate – but hidden inside are shelves of artificial vaginas, gimp masks with their eyes zipped shut and a busty, blonde sex doll worth nearly £3,000.

Regardless of the more open attitude to sex in recent years, for most people, it’s an awkward place to be.

Except for the small chain’s employees, who I watch re-arranging pornographic DVDs and tidying up a display of vibrators without batting an eyelid. To them, it’s all part of the furniture.


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A1 the kinkiest road in Britain – The Sun

Pulse & Cocktails A1 Wentbridge

Sun Features Pulse & Cocktail adult shop beside the A1 motorway near Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Photograph by Richard Walker /

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Sex from around the world

sex-pleaseThere are some places in the world which are pretty liberated when it comes to sex, such as Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Thailand and even England!

There are also places which you would expect to have more conservative laws. India for example, where sex toys are illegal and come with a jail term of 2-5 years.

Wherever you are in the world, legislation often doesn’t keep up with public behaviour. You may find yourself in a very awkward position, even if you weren’t in one to start with!

Here are some weird and wonderful bylaws from around the world, still legal today:

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Sex Toys: The stats!


Ever wondered about the statistics on vibrator use? How many people use them? Where are they most popular? Are they mostly for single women?

There have been various theories and beliefs about vibrators over the years, but a few surveys have been carried out by universities, sex toy companies, and researchers. These are just some of the interesting results:

According to a study in 2009 carried out at Indiana University, around 50% of people reported that they had used a sex toy, 52% of these were women, so there were nearly the same amount of men! Previous studies back up these results, one finding that 33% of women and only 20% of men had used the sex toy. Another showed 24% – 21% respectively.

Hopefully this will dispel the common myth that vibrators and other sex toys are just for women!Read more…