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Pulse and Cocktails Rotherham Sex Store Makeover Launch

Here are Pulse and Cocktails we’re proud to announce that for the last 21 years we’ve been helping couples and singletons alike to keep the romance and pleasure alive, whilst building a nationwide empire.

pulse and cocktails rotherham store canklow meadows sex shop

When did Pulse and Cocktails first open?

The first Pulse and Cocktails store originally opened in Rotherham in the late nineties and the store was the first of its kind. The Rotherham store gave customers the chance to see, touch and interact with sex toys, seductive lingerie, and other adult products before purchasing. A few years later, we then moved from the original Rotherham store to the current Rotherham store as we know it, situated on Canklow Meadows Industrial Estate.

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Our Funniest Sex Toy Questions, Searches and Stats of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we want to let you in on the cheeky questions, searches and stats that this kinky nation has been looking for and contributing to in 2018. We love keeping the UK population stocked up on their favourite sex toys, props and lingerie, but most of all we love making sure you’re all having great sex.

2018 Pulse and Cocktails end of year review


For the 2018 year roundup, we have put together a yearly review showing just how hungry for dildos you’ve been, whether you’ve been taking our advice and keeping everything well lubricated and finding out just how clean you’ve been keeping all your favourite sex toys. We have also compiled a list of our favourite wacky, wondrous (and just some downright weird) searches of the year.

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The History of Sex Toys Uncovered

Have you ever wondered where it all started?  Who was the first person to use a foreign body for sexual stimulation?

What is it that first started the sexual revolution that has progressed to this huge profusion of sex toys stimulators and pleasures that we have today. What was the first ever dildo?

Pulse and Cocktails the history of sex toys

Well, as far as we know it all started in 26,000 BC with an eight inch long stone dildo discovered in the famous Hohle Fels Cave in Germany. This phallic shaped sculpture is thought very likely to have been used as a sex aid by its Ice Age makers. Humans might not have been able to read or have known how to write, but we knew how to have sex! Needless to say, we’ve come a long way since then!

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New! Pleasure Enhancers – for her!

We love our new range of pleasure enhancers for women. We have added to our range of pleasure enhancers for her. Our range is designed to heighten sexual satisfaction, increase your desire and make your orgasms more intense!

Sex Arousal Créme

This arousal crème will help increase your sexual libido! Designed to intensify sensitivity in and around her intimate area. It also increases sexual desire so if you’re in need of a little boost – keep this bottle close by!

Vaginal Shrink Gel

For that first time feel, this vaginal shrink gel works wonders. It’s designed to stimulate the vaginal muscles, not only will it ever-so-faintly tighten the woman’s vagina it also heightens overall libido levels.

Intense Orgasm Gel

This female Intense Orgasm Gel has been specially concocted to heighten orgasms and promote an overall increase in sexual desire/libido. Its clove-leaf oil formula also enhances sensitivity in and around a lady’s intimate area.

Naughty Nipples – Sugar Berry

This sugar berry flavoured Nipple Arousal Cream serves two fantastic purposes, not only does the menthol-infused formula work to heighten sensitivity, promoting general arousal of the nipples, it tastes pretty darn sweet too (its sugar berry, what else did you expect?).

Cherry Bomb (Cherry Knockout, Pink Cupcake)

This cherry bomb flavoured Clitoral Arousal Cream is a 2-in-1 must-have, not only will it intensify clitoral stimulation by providing a cool yet warm tingly sensation but it tastes yummy as well.

Pure Instinct Woman – Sex Attractant Perfume

Gently spray onto pulse points (your wrist, neck and behind your ears) to release the power of the fragrance and pheromones. This will naturally combine with your body’s chemistry to create your own unique sexual scent. Infused with pheromones to intensify sex appeal and attract the opposite sex. A great fragrance for day or evening attraction.

G (Spot) Excitement Balm

We all know stroking the G-spot is one of life’s great pleasures, so why not take this favourite pastime to the next level by using some G-spot Excitement Balm. Concocted to heighten the users state of arousal (libido) and intensify the satisfaction felt during sexual activity.

Anal Calm Balm

Anal Calm balm is designed to provide a touch of tushy comfort during anal play. Calms and helps to relax the anal area to diminish anxiety sometimes associated with anal-play. Gel formula absorbs faster than creams so there is less chance of your partner experiencing ‘product transfer’.


How to introduce sex toys to your relationship

Introducing a sex toy into your relationship can send the sparks flying (or bring the spark back!). Bringing up the subject though isn’t always an easy task. Don’t worry – we’ve got a handy guide for how to go about introducing them into your relationship. Sure, it’s by no means a “one-size fits all” guide as, lets face it, nothing truly is. Every relationship is as unique as the individuals in it so broaching this subject with your partner(s) won’t always be textbook.

Nevertheless, this short, easy to digest guide may provide you with some useful ideas if you’re finding the idea of introducing sex toys into your relationship something of a precarious “diving board” moment. Hope it helps.

So, you clearly want to introduce sex toys into your relationship and may even have a few ideas about:

a) What toys you’re eager to get to grips with.
b) What toys you’re not too sure about but are willing to try once to discover what all the hype is about (that’s the spirit).
c) What toys hold no appeal for you whatsoever.

But what about your partner? As you’re all too aware this is no solo venture. Have they experimented with sex toys before, if not have they ever shown the slightest interest in the subject? How do they feel about you using sex toys when masturbating (if you already are, and we assume they know about it)? What happens if they show an interest in some of the toys that hold no appeal for you (and visa versa)?

Like other important aspects of a healthy relationship, honest communication is key. If it’s a subject your partner has never shown an interest in then starting a conversation about this is obviously the first and arguably most vital step in this whole adventure. It might not be the easiest conversation you ever have, you may even have to rehearse what you say to ensure your partner doesn’t misconstrue anything, but more often than not ‘the conversation’ is nowhere near as difficult as many imagine it to be.

Afterwards, even if the outcome is not the one you’re hoping for, you will probably look back and think your pre-talk fears were acutely misplaced (we’re all guilty of building things up in our mind till they seem overwhelming, it’s the “diving board” all over again).

Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen? They’re not going to be so overcome they faint. After all, all you will have done in reality is express an urge to indulge in some mild experimentation in the lovemaking department. If it yields good results, then guess what, you now have the exciting opportunity to make your sex life better than ever!

“What do you mean better? What’s wrong with it now?”

When having this discussion its worth emphasising you aren’t implying there is anything wrong or sub-par with your sex life or the other person’s lovemaking abilities. That’s not what sex toys are about, case in point: millions of women use vibrators every day and have been doing so for decades. Are they disrespecting their still-dexterous fingers in the process? Didn’t think so.

Stress to them that sex toys are not designed to replace someone or compensate for some shortfall, sex toys are designed to enhance your lovemaking and expand the possibilities of what naughty mischief you can get up to together. Like in other areas of your life, variety spices it up a bit, keeping things fun, fresh and interesting. You love steak but you don’t want it every night, why should what type of sex you serve up be any different?

Speak to any sexologist or professional whose area of expertise is sex and they will attest; foreplay is called foreplay for a reason. We’re adults now, we no longer play with toy soldiers and miniature ponies, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our appetite for play.

It’s just what constitutes play is now completely different, even so, that’s no reason to cut adrift the adventurous streak that innately poured out of you as a child when out playing and having fun. Fun with your mates didn’t add up to four things and nothing more, granted there were certain activities you did more than others but if one of you had a new idea, even if it was quite daring you normally explored it (or at least flirted with it).

Apply those same principles here, encourage your partner to view it from that perspective and we confidently predict that introducing some starter-sex toys into the bedroom will be a life-changing invigorating experience that brings you even closer as a couple.

If you’re looking for toys to get you started – have a look at our couples’ massager, My Wand, any gender can have fun with this staple of the sex toy world, by far one of the best couples’ toys we sell. If you’re looking to take your sex life to the next episode – our Duo Vibe is our best selling couples’ toy. Worn during lovemaking for intense stimulation for both him and her, the Duo Vibe also operates by wireless remote control, freeing you from the hassle of having to negotiate your fun around a restrictive wire.

As we’ve been proudly saying since 1997: couples that play together, stay together.

New! Pleasure Enhancers – for him!

We have a new range of pleasure enhancers for men! They also enhance performance too! We know that sex comes down to chemistry but sometimes you could do with a little help! Try our pheromone spray or sexual enhancer potions. Spray it on or rub it in – our new enhancers are just what the love doctor orders and are 100 times more exciting than perfume from the chemist or a multivitamin!

Command performance gel - pleasure enhancers

Performance Gel

A couple squirts of this will take your lovemaking to a new level, for the times when you want to perform like Mo Farah rather than Usain Bolt! This fast acting gel-like serum will heighten your sexual performance by increasing blood flow to heighten sexual libido, penile firmness and girth.

prolong spray - pleasure enhancers

Male Sex Prolong Spray or Gel

This ejaculation delay spray or gel is a fast acting desensitizing agent – which will help extend erections and prolong performance. It’s okay – there’s no minimum waiting time and sexual stimulation will still be experienced – it just means that it’s a longer experience! It’s unscented – so no one needs to know!

male sex pleasure gel

Male Sex Pleasure Gel

This gel is applied just before you get jiggy with it to enhance sexual arousal and male libido. Within moments of this being applied a warm stimulating feeling takes hold. It also helps to increase the blood flow for stronger erections.

stimulating anal gel - pleasure enhancers

Stimulating Anal Gel

This is a fast acting anal play gel which is designed to heighten stimulation for the receiver during penetration by releasing a pleasurable tingle-like sensation. Applied just before anal play. Useful for anal sex lovers of all experience levels but of particular interest to beginners who are still getting used to the unique sensation of anal penetration.

calming anal gel - pleasure enhancers

Calming Anal Gel

This is a fast-acting gel, which is applied shortly before anal play to allow for a more pleasurable experience during penetration. It works by calming the anal sphincter, with a mix of soothing aloe vera and benzocaine to gently desensitize.

Our pleasure enhancers range helps with male libido and also enhances performance – meaning a more pleasurable experience for everyone involved!

What it’s like working in our Cheltenham store


A giant, inflatable, pink blow-up sex toy, hovering in the air, is what your eyes first meet when you walk into one Cheltenham adult shop.

From the outside, Pulse and Cocktails is a part of a collection of small shops based at the Kingsditch Industrial Estate – but hidden inside are shelves of artificial vaginas, gimp masks with their eyes zipped shut and a busty, blonde sex doll worth nearly £3,000.

Regardless of the more open attitude to sex in recent years, for most people, it’s an awkward place to be.

Except for the small chain’s employees, who I watch re-arranging pornographic DVDs and tidying up a display of vibrators without batting an eyelid. To them, it’s all part of the furniture.



Inside the Cheltenham Store

Reading my mind, sales assistant Rebecca Logue said: “I think it’s quite a chilled out atmosphere for us, which is good for the customers. We are relaxed and so when they come in the door it makes it far easier.

“In my opinion there is nothing in the main room that’s overtly scary.”

There are two rooms at Pulse and Cocktails, the front one is where you will find lingerie, spanking paddles and one of their best sellers, herbal viagra.

In the back is where the erotic fiction is kept, alongside hardcore films about sexy nannies and horny young men – and of course the aforementioned life-sized inflatable doll – which is protected in a large see through case.

The overwhelming success of the Fifty Shades of Grey book and film franchise has commercialised sexual fetishes.









Regardless of its questionable representation of BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission), in 2012 there was a 400% increase in sex toy purchases and it soon became commonplace to see copies of the risque book being read by people in public, with no embarrassment.

For Rebecca, removing the taboo is important.

“It still shocks me a little bit that in this day and age that there are still women that don’t know about their bodies,” she explains. “It’s the very simple thing of being able to serve one of the most basic human impulses.

“That’s what I enjoy most about my job, that I help people. Some people can be in a position where they haven’t been able to explore their sexuality and suddenly they are able to discover different sensations and what opportunities there are within their own body.

“When the first film came out, the increase in female footfall was phenomenal. Suddenly couples felt more comfortable talking about their fantasies and desires.

“As a whole, it’s done huge things for our industry, and taken away a stigma about what we do.”

The typical customer at Pulse and Cocktails doesn’t exist. Although they largely have male customers, ages range from 18 to 91, and also includes disabled people with carers.

Rebecca says: “Being able to answer questions, give advice and let people know that their not alone in how they feel – it’s a really good feeling knowing that I can help. I go home feeling really satisfied.”

“The hardest bit for everyone is coming through the door because they don’t know what to expect. Some are embarrassed but you read the situation and individual. It’s not about what you say, it’s how you act. We will just smile, ask how the weather is or make a joke – like any other shop.

“We are all trained here to be able to read body language, and to know if a customer wants to shop alone or with our support.

“Nine times out of ten people will share those deepest, darkest feelings with us. It’s an honour.

“That’s why it is so important to have a sense of humour and a personality in this job.”

Despite the fact the majority of their customers are male, Rebecca believes that men are not encouraged enough when it comes to sex toys, and it’s a problem.

“It is actually easier for a woman to buy a sex toy,” she says, “It is a taboo for men to come in and buy a sex toy because they are pre-programmed by society to believe that they should always get an erection at the drop of a hat and to be horny 24/7 – or else they’re less of a man.

With herbal afrodisiacs, men will claim they’re buying it for a mate’s stag or for a joke, but once they realise that it is used to enhance what they have and that we offer a sympathetic ear, they open up and end up with the right product.”

Article taken from Gloucestershire Live.

A1 the kinkiest road in Britain – The Sun

Pulse & Cocktails A1 Wentbridge

Sun Features Pulse & Cocktail adult shop beside the A1 motorway near Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Photograph by Richard Walker /


Four sex shops, ten dogging spots and a swingers’ club make the A1 the kinkiest road in Britain

Four Little Chef restaurants have been turned into stores selling kinky clobber, while fans of public romps have TEN different popular spots to choose from


Article from The Sun, 1st October 2016, 11:16 pm

FORGET getting your kicks on Route 66 — Brit drivers are enjoying kinky fun on the A1.

The UK’s raunchiest road is a hotbed of sex shops, swingers clubs and dogging.

Graham Kidd, 48, is joint owner of Pulse and Cocktails, a chain of 22 sex shops.

Three are in former Little Chef diners on the 410-mile route from London to Edinburgh.

He said: “Brits are still really prudish.

“They are frightened to go outside their comfort zone but millions pass our A1 stores.

“They are big, in great locations and have excellent parking.”

At the chain’s shop in Wentbridge, West Yorks, manager Francine Proffitt, 41, said: “I used to sell girls’ best friend, diamonds. Now I sell their second best friend, sex toys.

“We’ve run out of 14in vibrators but a woman once asked if we have anything bigger.

“I’m never shocked and never judge.”

Sun Features Francine Proffitt, manager of the Pulse & Cocktail adult shop beside the A1 motorway near Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Photograph by Richard Walker /

Sun Features Francine Proffitt, manager of the Pulse & Cocktail adult shop beside the A1 motorway near Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Photograph by Richard Walker /

The boss . . . Francine manages the Pontefract branch of Pulse & Cocktails

The shop also stocks penis enlargers, whips, masks — and Francesca, a £2,999 life-sized doll with cyber skin who can bend into any position.

Francine said: “People assume sex shops are dark, dingy and full of men in anoraks but most of our customers are couples or women.”

A layby at Alconbury, Cambs, is one of ten dogging spots between London and Yorkshire.

Twenty miles south at Sandy, Beds, a former Happy Eater diner has been turned into Happy Lovers sex shop.

Shop worker Martin Cobban, 69, said: “We do well because we have a private car park.

“We get soap stars and footballers.”

Nearby is Vanilla Alternative swingers club which boasts 10,500 registered members and a 15ft jacuzzi.

Entry to nights such as Frisky Friday start at £10.

Owner Jules Davis said: “We get fat guys in their 60s and blondes with big boobs.

“But it’s mostly normal bods who fancy a bit of excitement.”

Four sex shops, ten dogging spots and a swingers’ club make the A1 the kinkiest road in Britain


The History of Sex Shops

When asked what they immediately think of upon hearing the words ‘sex shop’ many people think of seedy backstreet shops with big neon lights promoting sex and in some cases they would be correct. Originally this is what the majority of sex shops were like, the first ever sex shop opened in Germany in 1962 by a company known as Beate Uhse AG which went on to become Germany’s most successful company in the sex industry. After then sex shops began to pop up in the UK, one area in particular was Soho in London, which given that it had been regarded as the heart of the British sex scene for 200 years was an obvious place for these shops to appear, in the 1960’s there were a total of 59 sex shops open in that area as well as countless numbers of brothels and strip-clubs.

It is safe to say that these sex shops were predominantly aimed at a certain type of man, a man who knew Soho for its prostitution and sex thrills it offered. This and the rising subject of the feminist movement led to a new type of sex shop appearing which was one aimed solely at women.  The first of its kind, opened its doors in 1970 and eleven years later came up with the idea of the infamous ‘naughty knicker parties’ where women and women alone held parties at their own home and were able to find out about sex toys and purchase them if they wished.

Then in 1997 a new revolutionised sexy shopping experience opened in the form of Pulse and Cocktails, they saw a niche in the market for an up-market sex shop that did not just focus on one sex.  There was no place couples could go and shop together and feel at ease as they did so and the company realised this then Pulse and Cocktails was created. They decided on a new shopping experience in the form of two sections to the store, the first being Cocktails which focused on items such as lingerie, clothing and novelty items and then the other side being Pulse which sells sex toys and pornography. The idea behind this being that if people wanted to come and shop for clothes but didn’t want to see some of the more extreme side to sex then they did not have too as it would be separate.

The company also wanted to get away from the negative stigma that is associated with sex shops and therefore include no big neon signs at the front of their shops and you can see this from the name, Pulse and Cocktails shows no hint of sex in the title. Their company motto is ‘couples who play together stay together’ again no sign of sex of seediness at all. Like all other licensed sex shops they are not allowed to show anything of a sexual nature in their shop windows, which includes things such as sex toys, this means that most of the outsides of their 22 shops show contemporary sexy photography which looks up-market and friendly.

New laws regarding the sale of pornographic films means that all shops wanting to sell them now need a licence, this reinforces the stereotype to people that sex shops with a licence just sell hardcore porn which is just not the case. Pulse and Cocktails embrace the fact that not everyone wants to see pornography and place the DVD sections in their stores out of the way and in some cases even upstairs.

This shows that the idea of sex shops has changed a great deal over the past 50 years, Pulse and Cocktails realised that couples sometimes need a helping hand to make their relationship work and in the majority of cases people stray away because they are bored. They have made embarrassment purchasing toys a thing of the past and aim for it to stay there.

The P-spot and prostate massagers – what’s all the fuss about?


If you are reading this blog post, and are male then well done. You are already breaking down the barriers and approaching the subject with an open mind. Despite the growing support for prostate stimulation and anal sex toys for men, there is a strong taboo still associated with this very pleasurable past-time; this stigma includes (but is not limited to) associations with submission (unless that is your kind of thing) and strong (but very misguided) associations that anal penetration is a homosexual act. The two taboo’s associated with prostate massagers are something that we here at Pulse & Cocktails are looking to challenge!

What is the P-spot?

Yes, is a question that some of you may be asking, what exactly is this. Guys there is no need to feel left out in the stimulation stakes because, the P-spot is the male equivalent to the female g-spot; and as you may have guessed, for men this is located in your rectum. The ‘P’ in p-spot stands for prostate, this is because this is the prostate gland that is stimulated. The p-spot fortunately is easier to find than the female equivalent and is around 2-inches in and it is about the size of a walnut. It is the stimulation of this gland which produces the ‘male orgasm’.

The Male Orgasm?

I know what you are thinking here, doesn’t that just mean you cum? The answer here is generally no, the male orgasm achieved through prostate stimulation can be achieved without climax. Research into prostate stimulation has shown similarities between the male and female orgasm through stimulation of the ‘g’ and ‘p’ spot’s. In research conducted by sexologist Dr Pierre Desvaux he found that of the males which tried this form of stimulation, a significant number of them reported an ‘out of the ordinary orgasm’ – going on further to describe this as more visceral and deep, without ejaculation. The research behind the similarities, is not conclusive in scientific terms – but the results from those who have tried it speaks volumes.

P-spot stimulation: something for you, or fun with your partner?

This is something which will really be a matter of personal preference, some may find that for the first couple of times, exploration alone will be more comfortable so you can get a better understanding of what you like and what feels good. However, the use of prostate massagers, and other toys on the male’s prostate as a couple can be one of the most sensual experiences a couple can have. For a female partner, being in control and using a toy on her partner can bring with it an increased sense of stimulation and a higher level of sexual excitement. Also this is something that you can do together, there are various types of toys on the market designed for prostate stimulation, and we will take a look at some of the various different types shortly.

P-spot orgasms are good for your Health?

It may be hard to believe, but the NHS in 2009 happened to agree with this concept, not specifically for p-spot orgasms but a campaign they ran had the slogan: “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away” – something I could not agree with more. Orgasms bring with them more than just a simple feeling of pleasure, the physiological process of orgasm is good for your health. When you orgasm, the body releases a cocktail of endorphins (oxytocin and serotonin to name two) which have positive effects on the body. The cocktail of endorphins has been described as a “natural opiate” explaining the feeling of closeness you experience post-intercourse. Serotonin is the neurochemical associated with depression, in essence orgasms help stave off depression.

But, these are benefits of orgasms in general, stimulation of the prostate gland has its own benefits. Prostate stimulation has been shown to improve the health of the prostate gland, which in turn can help to avoid the onset in later life of prostate related disease, including the big C which the most common form of cancer in males. But the health benefits are not just limited to preventing cancer, but also other forms of prostate disease such as prostatitis.

With all the benefits associated, the only question which remains is… who’s first?


Toys and products available

There are various different types of products which are available on the market designed for prostate stimulation and anal penetration, here are just a couple of them we have here at Pulse & Cocktails.

Prostate Stimulators:

These toys are designed specifically to stimulate the prostate gland, these are vibrating toys which are anatomically designed to deliver the vibrations precisely where they are desired. The beauty of these toys is that they stimulate both the prostate and the perineum (soft skin between the anus and testicles) for extra pleasure.

Butt Plugs:

These come in various different types, with various different functions and can be used by both you and your partner. We have a full collection of anal sex toys online. There is something for everyone.

Now, this is something you may have never thought about, but this is a way that you can reverse the roles and bring a new level of sensuality to the relationship, one founded on trust.


When using any prostate or anal toys, remember to always use with plenty of lubrication of maximum pleasure. Clean your toys after use with Pulse & Cocktails specially formulated toy cleaner.

If you have any questions, or would like any advice, you can always pop into one of our stores, there are 21 across the UK and all of our wonderful staff are trained to help you pick the right toy for you.