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Our Easy Guide to Finding your Perfect Prostate Stimulator

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The prostate is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body and can be the most pleasurable when hitting the P-spot. To help men who want to try out anal penetration, we sell a wide range of prostate stimulators to help you on your P-spot journey.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend reading our Beginner’s Guide to Prostate Stimulation. This guide expands on that one, with suggestions of products for prostate players of all experience levels…

Finding the stimulator right for you…

Follow our guide below to find the best stimulator for your P-spot, we will link all the products at the end of this post.

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Sexy Christmas Gift Guide for Adults

Give someone the gift of better sex this year and read our top 30 kinky Christmas gift ideas below that will have you put on Santa’s naughty list.

Whether you’re buying for your lover, friend or yourself (you deserve it!), we’ve got you covered with our adult gift guide below. Sex toys are the perfect gift to give someone special, after all, who wouldn’t be happy with a 30-speed vibrator that gives you multiple orgasms (personally, I can’t think of anything better to receive). So ditch the boring socks this year and give the gift of excitement.

Sexy Adult Christmas Gifts Pulse and Cocktails

Why adult gifts make the perfect presents

Sex toys and naughty adult presents really are the gifts that keep on giving… and giving. Not only are these gift ideas sexy they’re also the perfect way to share a giggle with loved ones on Christmas morning and beyond. Getting your partner a sexy gift for Christmas is guaranteed to heat up the bedroom when it’s cold outside and you get to share all the fun with them!

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Dragon Strong Male Sex Enhancers and Why You Should be Taking Them

Are you sick of hearing your friends tell stories of their all night, passionate sex sessions that you’re just not managing to experience yourself? Well, you’re not alone and we know their secret. Dragon strong herbal sex enhancer capsules!


What do Dragon Strong Male Enhancers Do?

Dragon strong is a fun, recreational herbal supplement used by thousands of men of all ages to boost their sex drive and keep erect for a long time naturally. Customers reviewed that these sexual enhancing pills…

  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Enhanced overall performance
  • Boost sexual drive and libido
  • Improved erection size and strength
  • Intensified orgasm pleasure
  • Helped them keep hard for longer naturally
  • Stronger Erections

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Sex toys for couples for valentine’s day!

Give the gift of better sex this valentines day!  💘

We’re all for romantic candlelit dinners or budget stay at home dates. But sometimes you’re looking for a non-cheesy gift. The gift of better sex is thee perfect valentine’s day gift! From couple’s toys to clitoral stimulators – we’ve asked our store managers from across our 20 stores for there favourite couple’s toy for valentine’s day!

Find your perfect sex toys as a couple this valentine’s day!

1.     The Oh! Ring

Oh ring! Sex toys couples valentine's day

This vibrating ring is one of our best-sellers. It’s used to stimulate both partners during intercourse. It distributes the vibrations evenly around the contours of the ring so the toy feels alive!

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New! Pleasure Enhancers – for her!

We love our new range of pleasure enhancers for women. We have added to our range of pleasure enhancers for her. Our range is designed to heighten sexual satisfaction, increase your desire and make your orgasms more intense!

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New! Pleasure Enhancers – for him!

We have a new range of pleasure enhancers for men! They also enhance performance too! We know that sex comes down to chemistry but sometimes you could do with a little help! Try our pheromone spray or sexual enhancer potions. Spray it on or rub it in – our new enhancers are just what the love doctor orders and are 100 times more exciting than perfume from the chemist or a multivitamin!

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Finding the right toy for you

If you are considering purchasing a sex toy, it is important to choose the right toy for you. So here’s a handy guide:

Do you have a fantasy? Or fetish? Think about what your ideal sexual scenario would be. Maybe you will be surprised!

Which erogenous zone do you want to be stimulated? Is it clitoral, penile, vaginal, anal or any other area? Also decide whether you are looking for a toy for penetration or external stimulation.Read more…

Four Dildos to get your Pulse Racing!

There are quite a lot of choices for dildos in the market, and here we have chosen four great ones for you to explore, either for yourself or in a couple play.

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Which Vibrator Should I Buy?

Vibrators as a whole are becoming more aesthetically pleasing, and more and more attention to detail is being put into each new model. Modern manufacturers use a variety of different materials such as clear PVC Jelly, hard plastics or silicone rubber to make their products stand out. Vibrators are great at bringing a bit of fun into a couple’s sex life and is usually one of the first objects beginners use to play together. Here are five great vibrator ideas for you and your partner to explore:

The Rock Chick has a formed handle for better grip and is designed specifically for G Spot stimulation. Some are attached to straps and designed to fit the female genitals externally, like the Butterfly Obsession.

Some vibrators such as the Black Realistic Cock Vibrator are designed to look and feel like a real penis. There are many of these available in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Modern technological advancement means that new ideas and creations such as the Bendable Vibe. More flexible silicone rubber or new ideas about vibration or movement mean that the sex toy industry is always changing and checking regularly with Pulse and Cocktails will keep you up to date.

Anal Vibrators are becoming more popular and we offer a great range of purpose-built toys such as Black Cat Dual Rotation Butt Plug. Whether you are thinking of trying anal for the first time or are an old hand, lubrication and foreplay are always recommended and buying a suitable slimline or tapered toy is ideal for this.

Rabbit Vibrators are extremely popular and feature the traditional dildo shape with the added benefit of a small bullet at the base for clitoral stimulation. These tend to appeal to women and are effectively satisfying.

Not Just Any Rabbit Vibrator

There are particular rabbit vibrator models that offer something different to the standard design, these include the Roaming Rabbit Vibe which features a detachable bullet that can be used separately for stimulation in any place you desire! This creates more sexual play possibilities which is always a good thing.

The Anal Rotator Anal Rabbit is specifically designed for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. Fans of DP (Double Penetration) can rest assured this rabbit vibrator can satisfy their needs. The anal vibrator attachment is a slim, tapered vibrator with a bead-like style. The main shaft of the vibrator features rotating internal beads for extra vaginal pleasure and seven different functions.

Perhaps the strangest looking is the Purple Heaven Rabbit Vibrator, which features a purple jelly shaft with tiny jelly ticklers all over it, making it resemble a weird cactus! This toy however is designed to provide an amazing sensation with the tickling of the hairs and the dual motors, one at each end of the shaft, as well as the vibrating bullet which has more of the soft spikes.

Whichever rabbit vibrator you choose, be sure to remember Lubricant and Batteries for your playtime.