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Black Plastic Tough Guy Penis Chastity Kit Device with Lock


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This chastity contraption is a black phallic shaped (flaccid) shaft-cage with different size cuff rings and spacer pins that allow for a customised fit.

In addition to a standard brass padlock, this chastity device also comes with plastic seal locks.

Can also be worn under trousers with a relative amount of discreteness.

Plastic seal locks are lightweight, water-safe and unlike the padlock won't set off alarms or metal detectors (for obvious reasons). As they are all individually numbered you can check up on him at any time to see if he's disobeyed orders by breaking the seal and pleasured himself, before thinking he's deceived you by replacing it with another lock. Only he hasn't because the number will be different and he will be rumbled. The punishment for such insubordination? We dread to think.

Made from lightweight, hypoallergenic, medical grade polycarbonate (plastic), this chastity kit takes hygiene seriously by having ample ventilation holes on both sides of the cage's shaft, as well as a generously proportioned slit at the tip for when nature calls. If the wearer's hygiene/cleaning schedule is of sufficient standard there's no reason why this chastity kit can't be worn for days at a time.

Note: does not include the zippered carry case (as stated on the packaging).

For maximum pleasure (and comfort) always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

This chastity device is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Product SKU: 32885
  • This “Tough Guy” Chastity Device includes:
  • 1 x Chastity cage.
  • 5 x Cuff rings.
  • 4x Locking pins, each one a different size (all with removable spacers, also all a different size).
  • 1 x set of guide pins with polycarbonate connector.
  • 1 x Brass padlock.
  • 5 x Individually numbered plastic seal locks.

1 x Chastity cage

Length: 3.25 Inches / 8.25 cm Approx.

Diameter: 1.37 Inches / 3.5 cm Approx.

5 x Cuff rings

(inside diameters: a) 1.5 Inches / 3.81 cm Approx., b) 1.62 Inches / 4.1 cm Approx., c) 1.75 Inches / 4.4 cm Approx., d) 1.87 Inches / 4.7 cm Approx., e) 2 Inches / 5.08 cm Approx.

Material: Body-safe plastic.

Product SKU: 32885

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