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Beginner’s Penis Pump – Black


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Popular sex-aid used by many; whether you need a helping hand getting an erection or you wish to enhance the size of your erection, achieve it with this easy-to-use traditionally-designed Beginner's Penis Pump.

Made from a combination of medical-grade (cylinder) and body-safe (hose, pump) materials, this penis pump is equipped with the bare essentials to successful penis pumping; a hand-held bulb-pump, a hose that lets the air pass freely from pump to cylinder, and a standard cylinder with a rubber ring that the user puts their penis through.

Remember the three golden rules to safe and successful penis pumping:

Apply plenty of lubricant to both the shaft of the penis and the cylinder's ring, otherwise you risk damaging the ring and will certainly cause injury to your penis.

The ring is meant to be an air-tight fit when worn around the user's penis; if you don't have an air-tight, no vacuum pressure will be created and no erection will be achieved / enhanced.

Stop pumping if it gets painful. It should feel ever-so-slightly uncomfortable, you are stretching a body-part after all, but it should never become painful. Stop if it does.

New to penis pumping? Not sure if you're doing it safely and correctly? Read our handy guide to penis pumping; a short, easy to digest article full of hints, tips and must-know information, all designed to help pump users have the best possible experience regardless of whether they're a first-time user or have successfully used pumps in the past.

Hint: many pump users wear a cock ring immediately after pumping. Why? Put simply: a pump whooshes the blood into the penis, a cock ring prevents blood from being able to leave the penis, so the erection will be pumped-up and emboldened for even longer.

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterward with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

We advise you to only use water based lubricant with this toy.

You can purchase a replacement ring for your beginner's penis pump here.

Product SKU: 36879
  • Suitable for first-timers and experienced penis pump users.
  • Draws as much blood into the penile area as is possible, making the user’s erection as big and girthy as it can possibly be.
  • The cylinder (or penile chamber) has an insertable length of 8? approx, with an inner diameter of 2? approx.
  • The cylinder is dark in shade but still see-through, enabling the user to see their erection increase in size.
  • Ruled measurements along the cylinder’s shaft (in both Inches and centimetres) provide a great measuring-stick for users to chart their penis growth, should longer-lasting penis growth be the long-term goal.
  • Old school bulb-pump, with a quick-release button that instantly kills the vacuum pressure, should the user over-pump and cause themselves discomfort.
  • The rubber ring that is at the base of the cylinder (worn at the base of the user’s penis’ shaft) is tight but will stretch to fit the average-size UK penis.
  • One of the golden rules of penis pumping: not an air-tight fit = no vacuum pressure = no growth.
  • All parts of this device (cylinder, hose, pump) are made from a combination of body-safe and medical-grade materials.
  • All parts of this device are detachable making it easy to clean.
  • Popular sex-aid used for multiple reasons; used by those who have difficulty in obtaining an erection, used by those who can get erect but just want to give it a “bit of a boost”, temporarily making their erection as big, girthy and throbbingly appealing as possible.
  • Also used by those who have made penis-pumping a regular part of their weekly routine to achieve longer-lasting penis-growth.

Length of cylinder: 8 Inches / 20.5 cm Approx.

Diameter of cylinder: 2.4 Inches / 6.3 cm Approx.

Inner diameter of the detachable ring: 0.78 Inches / 2 cm Approx., but will stretch of fit the average-size UK penis.

Length of silicone hose: 10.2 Inches / 26 cm Approx.

Materials: body-safe plastic (cylinder, bulb-pump), body-safe silicone (hose), body-safe rubber (detachable ring).

Product SKU: 36879

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