Awesome Holiday Sex Toys – 9 Essential Travel Companions

9 holiday sex toys

The British summertime is almost here, and with it, comes our need to escape for a week or two for some much needed ‘me time’. Some of us may choose to go abroad to get that relaxation fix, while others may opt for a stay-cation, either way, we think it’s important to make sure you take at least one of our holiday essentials – sex toys.

In a 2016 Ann Summer’s survey, 85% of participants admitted to taking sex toys with them on holiday, meaning it’s very likely that the person next to you on your flight is stowing away a dildo, vibrator, butt plug, or something else with them in their luggage. Whether you’re choosing to go alone or go with someone special, sex toys are the perfect travel companion to help you have some extra fun. No matter where you’re going or what you’re into, we’ve got 9 carefully selected toys to take with you on your next trip.

9 Holiday sex toys you need for your next trip…

Quiet Sex Toys for Family Holidays

Family holidays can be amazing. Creating memories with mum and dad or young ones in the glorious sun or while out on adventures can some people’s idea of the perfect holiday. However, we all need some alone time, and having family members asking why a buzzing noise was from coming from your room last night may not be the memory you intend to cherish.

16% of us admit to taking a sex toy on a family holiday, so we recommend taking one of our picks below to make sure your quiet alone time stays just that, quiet.

1. The Blume Love Egg

blume love egg

A sex toy which will certainly keep you entertained when everyone else has gone to bed, the Blume Love Egg is a vibrating women’s toy with wireless remote control and a silky smooth feel. Offering 12 modes of vibrations, one for each night of your stay, you can enjoy the love egg by yourself or even with a partner if you hand them over the controls.

Along with its compact size perfect for stuffing into your luggage, this toy is USB rechargeable, so as long as you don’t need to worry about remembering to take batteries or trying to find the right ones when abroad.

2. The Humming Bird

humming bird love egg

A Pulse & Cocktail’s favourite for any occasion, our Humming Bird Love Egg has two ends of stimulation, a pinpoint precision vibrating tip, and a bulbous curved end for more general stimulation.

Ideal for both male and female use, this sex toy, while not only being quiet, is also waterproof. So if you’re lucky enough to get a moment alone in the bath or hot tub, you can enjoy the Humming Bird’s 12 modes of vibrations and pulsations in absolute luxury.


3. Ribbed Masturbator Egg

masturbator egg

Simple, ribbed, and contained in a compact egg-shaped case, the masturbator egg can be easily stored in your hand luggage since it is non-electrical.

The ribbed texture of this smooth silicone egg massages all the right spots, and can even be reversed for easy cleaning. If you’re nervous about accidental buzzing from your bag or storing a sex toy while away, this white little egg is a perfect choice.</br

Wonderful Waterproof Companions

It’s true what Sebastian says, everything is better ‘down where it’s wetter’. As sun, sweat, and beaches are often sought after on most holidays, so are hot tubs and pools. Obviously, we do not advise trying to use a sex toy in the public pool of your villa, but in the privacy of a hot tub, bath, or if you’re lucky enough to have a private pool, then taking a tantalising waterproof toy with you is a must.

1. Elegance Mint Mini Wand

elegance mini wand

With a compact size which doesn’t compromise on power, and in a gorgeous mint colour, everyone needs at least one Elegance Mini Wand.

Wands are one of the most popular toys in the UK for a reason. Their large bulbous head and easy to hold handles make them ideal for sex toy users of any experience, and are especially satisfying when used in water. Luckily, our mini wand has all the fun of a regular wand, but in a suitcase friendly compact size which is easy to hide from prying eyes.

2. Grip Wrap Stroker

grip wrap stroker

Speaking of mini but powerful, our Grip Wrap Stroker is one of our most popular male toys, and for good reason. With up to 1 hour of usage on a full charge, you can enjoy stroking away while watching the sunset from your private hot tub.

Much like the mini wand, the Grip Wrap Stroker is compact in size for easy suitcase storage, and it also has a travel lock feature to prevent any mysterious buzzing coming from your luggage at the airport.

3. Unisex Prostate & G spot Stroker

unisex p and g spot stroker

Topping off our waterproof section is the Unisex Prostate and G spot Stroker, and we think we saved the best ’til last.

With a rolling ball tip to stroke you in the perfect place, this stimulator has 7 different modes of vibrations, pulsations, and escalations to send you into knee-jerking orgasms whilst enjoying the water. Although this toy is ideal for both anal and vaginal play, remember to never use the same toy for both forms of penetration, for hygiene reasons.</br

Couple’s Sex Toys for Romantic Getaways

Off on a romantic getaway to enjoy some time alone with a partner? Make the most of the romantic atmosphere by bringing along a few toys to surprise your other half and make those hot summer nights that bit hotter.

1. Scorpion Pleasure Ring

scorpion cock ring

The Scorpion Pleasure Ring is probably the only scorpion you’re going to be happy to encounter when on your next holiday.

A dual-ended couple’s toy with a penis-hugging cock ring on one end, and a sensual clit-licking tongue on the other, the Scorpion has 10 different modes of vibrations to satisfy your every nerve. Use the tongue flicker end to stimulate her clit whilst working your way up to penetration, then flip around the toy to use the cock ring to stimulate you both at the same time. With so many ways to use this toy, you might find yourselves unable to leave the hotel room…

2. Partner Up Couples Toy

partner up couples toy

Described by many as a ‘female cock ring’, the Partner Up Couples Toy boasts 3 powerful motors to satisfy its user.

When placed between you and your partner, this toy hugs the outer areas of the clit and sends vibrations over the penetrating penis much like a cock ring. The main difference is, that the toy does not fit onto the man, but rather onto the woman, meaning the toy is more stable as you thrust so you won’t miss out on any tantalising vibrations.


3. The Oh! Ring

oh! cock ring

Easy to store and easy to use, the Oh! Ring is a holiday sex toy you won’t want to leave behind.

This particular stretchy cock ring helps prolong ejaculation and make your erection girthier whilst providing 5 different modes of vibrations to both the penis and clit, all operated by a single easy to press button, so no need to stop mid-action trying to change the vibration modes.

Holiday Sex Toy Travel

Whichever toy you choose to be your bedroom companion on your next vacation, it’s important to pack your toys correctly to prevent them from becoming damaged or turning on and running out of charge by the time you get there.

Some simple ways to prevent damage and turning on are:

  • Pack your toy in its original case if you still have it. The Elegance Mini Wand for example comes in a compact box with sponge padding, keeping it safe from harm and accidental button pressing.
  • Use the travel lock feature. If your toy is like the Grip Wrap Stroker, it may have a travel lock feature which stops the toy from turning on when the button is pressed. Just remember to turn off the feature when you want to use it.
  • Pack your sex toys with your underwear. If you’re travelling with nosey family or friends, packing your sex toy amongst your underwear in a separate mini bag can prevent them from looking inside. No one wants to look at someone else’s knickers, so wrap that vibrator in a few pairs of underwear to keep it discreet, the extra padding will also help to keep your precious cargo safe from harm.

Now go forth and enjoy that hot holiday with your kinky companions, we know you deserve it.