6 Penis-Pleasing Valentine’s Gift Ideas

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Struggling to think of what to you get your partner this year for Valentine’s day? Well, with the current global situation, we’re all spending a lot more time together at home and there’s only so many Netflix series’ you can watch and Zoom quizzes you can partake in, so why not crank up the heat, add a little spice and turn that time together into quality time together *winky face*

Don’t worry if you’re not too sure where to start, the clever sexperts at Pulse and Cocktails have you covered with our simple guide to the best penis-pleasing Valentine’s Day gifts. From pre-assembled gift sets to toys that’ll get you both going, they’ll definitely be wearing a smile on Feb 14th.

Our Top 6 Penis-Pleasing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 


Premium Couples Gift Set


premium sex toy gift set

Our premium couples sex toy bundle is the perfect starting point when it comes to Valentine’s Gifts.  Not only is this sexy bundle full of top-quality toys, but there’s something for everyone included so you know there’s going to be smiles all round!

The Wishbone Multi-functional Vibrator is a fantastic toy for couples, as it can be used in many ways to pleasure both clits and dicks!  The unique shape makes this perfect for him to wear as a non-restrictive cock ring and can be used as a penis masturbator, the large base at the bottom when worn during sex will push back towards the scrotum giving the high powered vibration all the potential for maximum stimulation, as well as hitting the right spot with the clitoris at the same time.

This can also be used for nipple play and body massaging meaning it is perfect for the both of you to play together.

The Blume Love Egg is a fantastic G-Spot experience, but can also be used in the same way as a bullet for clitoral massaging. For him the ultimate power of control, this sexy stim is designed to be worn inside and with the remote, your lover can just flick the switch whenever they desire to make you quiver at their command.

Lastly in the premium gift set is the Hush Rabbit Vibrator. Amazing couples toy for you both to play together and fantastic for foreplay, the beauty with the Hush as you might have guessed with the name, is that it’s so quiet, that quiet its less than a whisper at under 50 decibels. Perfect for if you’re finding it hard to slip away for a quiet moment!


OH! Ring Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring


oh ring


This little gem is one of our top-selling male sex toys and the best selling cock ring in our collection. The beauty of its simple design is that it’s so compact and durable unlike most cock rings out there that seem to give up after a week of use, whereas the OH! Ring will keep going, well as long as he can that is.

Did we mention that it’s fully USB rechargeable too? So no need to worry about having to do a naked dash down the stairs searching high and low for batteries!

The high-powered vibrations pass through the super-soft body-safe silicone with ease giving you full advantage of its 5 different modes of vibration and multiple speeds, oh you’ll definitely feel this one deeply plus, whilst the ring restricts the blood flow in the penis you’ll keep a firmer erection and makes for a much-improved performance. Even better, let’s just say it’s shaped to please, the curved tip sits perfectly on the clitoris providing maximum satisfaction for both parties.


Personal Dancer Vibrating Warming Male Masturbator


personal masturbator


This luxury male masturbator uses vibrations and self-heating technology to deliver orgasms so intense you will never want to leave the house again…

The personal dancer male masturbator creates a fully immersive sensual experience for the user. The realistic body temperature feature will keep your willy warm and tight; just like the real thing. For the ultimate sensation, use a water-based lubricant whilst masturbating for the real deal feel.

The luxury male masturbator is USB rechargeable, so no need to worry about running out of batteries just before you shoot your load. Featuring a suction cup base, which can be attached to any clean, flat surface for hands-free fun. The multi-functional settings on this masturbator can be changed with an easy to use control pad. All the functions can be controlled separately depending on what your penis desires.

The beauty with the Personal Dancer is that not only is it, of course, amazing for a solo experience, but it’s excellent to use during foreplay together as a couple. The beauty is that it’s completely hands-free leaving you to focus your full attention to your partner for dual pleasure. Designed for maximum penis stimulation, moving in various motions and directions, whilst with a multitude of vibration modes and can also heat up prior to use for a little bit of temperature play.


USB Rechargeable Vibrating Penis Sleeve with Clit Stimulator


penis sleeve


Like the Oh Ring previously this fully rechargeable male toy is to be worn on the penis, but unlike the Oh Ring, the unique design covers the shaft of the penis like a sleeve whilst leaving the bottom of the shaft open to feel contact with the skin.

Its super-smooth body-safe silicone will feel amazing for him but also you and carry all the vibration from that huge high powered clitoral bulb on the top giving him more power than he will ever have had before.

With 7 modes of vibration and multiple speeds, pulsations and escalations along with the deep rumble you get this is definitely one toy that is going to please both.


Vibrating Clone a Willy Vibrator 


clone a willy


Ok so maybe not one they’ll use on themselves, but this is definitely one that you’ll both remember for a long time and a fun, exciting activity you can do together, plus we all know where it’s likely to lead to… after a shower of course!

With a multitude of colours to choose from all vibrating, this easy to use kit makes a perfect silicone mould of his fully erect penis which is something he is definitely going to be proud of (just don’t be surprised if it ends up on Instagram)

After that, well that’s up to you but we can definitely think of some fun you can have with that together.

Available in Hot Pink, Glow in the Dark Green, and Flesh Tones. Don’t forget that this vibrator will need batteries (1xAA)


Anal Vibrator P-Spot Rocker 


anal toys


This one might not be for every man out there but we are definitely seeing a growing trend in the number of men who are being more experimental in anal play and all the wonderful benefits that come from prostate stimulation. We even have a fantastic blog that you can check out on Why You Should Try Prostate Stimulation, that highlights the benefits and pleasure that can be had from exploring this beautiful world.

If you know that your man isn’t averse to this then The P-Spot Rocker is going to be a fantastic gift for him these valentines but with a twist.

The Stimulator itself is a fully rechargeable high-grade body-safe silicone vibrating prostate probe designed in such a way that the shape will hit the male prostate perfectly without being a huge bulbous toy, easy to hold and features 10 modes of vibration with multiple speeds and escalations.

These are fantastic to play together and we haven’t mentioned the best part yet, its remote controlled meaning like the love eggs and the Blume as mentioned above, you have all the control being able to turn this on and off whenever you desire and change through the many settings, perfect for intimate play together where you can set the pace not him.

And there we have it, our top picks for penis pleasing these Valentine’s Day and giving a gift of a lifetime, whatever you end up doing this year, make it a good one and keep it sexy, check out our dedicated page on gift sets or our valentines page for even more inspiration and ideas.