3 Types of Penis Pumps & their Unique Designs

For over 100 years, Erectile Dysfunction (also sometimes known as ED) has been treated by Penis Pumps. Using a vacuum to draw blood into an erection to make it larger and last longer has been proven very effective, resulting in many different types of penis pumps being developed over the years.

Although most pumps are different in one form or another, there are generally, 3 main types of pumps which are commonly used today. If you are a first-timer penis pump user, it can be daunting to decide which one is right for you, but we’re here to help.

A short history of penis pumps

Believe it or not, the first usage of a vacuum to enlarge an erection was in 1874, created by a man called Dr John King. However, this pump was rather crude and difficult to use. It wasn’t until 1917 when another doctor, Otto Lederer, added a ring to the device to help help the blood within the erection for longer.

The penis pump generally remained unchanged from Lederer’s design until 1974, when a man by the name of Geddings was fed up being told to give up getting intimate with his wife. At the age of 73, Geddings created the more commonly known penis pump martial aid we often see used today by those with Erectile Dysfunction. Because of Geddings’s work, the use of penis pumps became more accepted and helped to lay the foundation for more sophisticated pumps to be developed.



Why use a penis pump?

Penis pumps are not just for those with ED, many other people use them to enlarge their erection, or because they enjoy the sensation of it.
For those wanting to prolong their erection either for masturbation or sex with a partner, pumps can be incredibly useful to create that large erection and keep the blood within the penis by using a cock ring.

With use over time, users of pumps can grow the length and girth of their erections, but this is only with repeated use and should always be done so following your pump’s instructions.

3 Types of pumps, What do they do?


1. The Handheld Pump

handheld pump

A handheld pump, like most penis pumps, uses air pressure to enlarge the penis. By holding the pump chamber over the penis in one hand, ensuring an air-tight seal, and the hand pump in the other hand, the user can slowly pull air out of the chamber to draw the blood flow into the penis, causing it to enlarge.

While the pressure is kept, the penis will remain enlarged in length and girth. Usually, this pressure is maintained for a few minutes before being released, always check your instructions as every pump is different. If you get carried away when pumping, don’t worry, there’s a quick-release button to kill the pressure.

To keep your enlarged erection for longer after removing it from the penis pump, pop on a cock ring to help keep the blood within the penis.

2. The Automatic Pump

automatic pump

An automatic penis pump, much like a handheld one, uses air pressure to enlarge the penis. The only difference is that this one does not use a handheld pump to enlarge the penis, it does it electronically.

An automatic pump allows the user a more comfortable experience as a vacuum is generated using an electronic pump, often via a single button, allowing for only one hand needed to operate it.

Some automatic pumps also include an LED screen, allowing the user to see how much pressure they are applying to their erection. This can be a useful feature to some, as it allows you to measure a comfortable pressure reading for yourself, so you can apply the same amount of pressure during your following sessions.

3. The Bathmate Pump

bathmate pump

Bathmate is a unique brand of penis pump which uses water pressure rather than air pressure to enlarge the penis. Using water pressure is often a more comfortable pump for the user, preventing the risk of bruising some users have experienced with air pressure pumps.

Since water is more stable under pressure, the vacuum created around the penis is more even, resulting in a more even pump. The use of water also means a Bathmate must be used in the bath or shower, meaning fitting a pump session into your day is much easier than trying to find alone time in a bedroom.

Which penis pump should I choose?

There is no perfect pump which will suit everyone, often trying different types and seeking advice from store assistants will help you choose the right one for you.

As every pump will be different, we stress the importance of reading the instructions before using your penis pump. Remember to always seek advice if you’re not sure, and take it slow.