10 Naughty British Street Names – Real or Fake?

10 Naughty British Street Names - Real or Fake?


Naughty British street names are a part of what makes Great Britain so great. Although we consider past generations as prudes who kept matters of the bedroom very private, this was not true for naming the lanes and avenues of where they lived.

To make your day a little more mischievous, and put a smile on your face, we’ve collected a number of naughty British street names along with some interesting facts about their origins. To matters more interesting, however, we’ve also thrown in some fake names we’ve made up to see if we can catch you out. Discover where some of the funniest and eyebrow-raising street names exist and test your knowledge of British history…

Naughty British Street Names, can you tell fact from fiction?

Wetwang – East Yorkshire

We’ve started you off with an easy one. Yes, Wetwang is a real village located in East Yorkshire, and although not technically a street, we felt it had to be included in this list.

Famous for its fish and chips by the pond and beautiful old buildings, this naughty named village was even included in JRR Tolkein’s beloved book series ‘The Lord of the Rings’ under the name ‘Nindalf’.



If you’re interested in visiting Wetwang, they have a fabulous scarecrow competition every year with this year’s themes being ‘Royalty through the ages, Celebrities in TV/Film, and other’ – though we don’t think the scarecrows will be dressed as scandalously as their village’s name.


Lickers Lane – Prescot

This is another real rude British street name which can be found nearby to Liverpool in Whiston. The lane is steeped in history, and is even believed to have been around for over 12 thousand years!

After a Roman tile was discovered nearby, other artefacts started appearing, including a medieval spade, which sparked the interest of historians to believe that Whiston, and Lickers Lane, is much older than first thought.

Although there is no specific information on the history of Lickers Lane itself, the plot of land does boast a number of amenities for those living there. A park, town hall, woods, and hotel are all close by, making Lickers Lane an attractive place to live, aside from its suggestive name.


Tuggoff – London

London does have a whole host of naughty street names sure to give anyone a giggle. Unfortunately, Tuggoff isn’t one of them.

Cumming Street and Clitterhouse Road can be found within London, so we think Tuggoff would not be out of place amongst our capital’s rude road names.


Spanker Lane – Belper

A street perfect for those into a bit of BDSM, Spanker lane is completely real. It’s proven to be a very popular place to live, with house prices consistently rising over the past few years.

Not only does this lane have a kinky name, but it also has a brilliant pub to boot called The Spanker, which got its name over 140 years ago when a greyhound won a race and the landlord decided to name his pub after it. Serving all kinds of delicious food and drink, we wouldn’t mind paying a visit to this naughty named pub and street.



Whipme Close – South Yorkshire

If there was a place called Whipme Close, we would love to live there, but sadly, this street is not real.


Warning Tongue Lane – South Yorkshire

Not wanting to leave you disappointed, we found a naughty street name in Doncaster, South Yorkshire which gives us a giggle when we think about it.

Nearby to the famous Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Warning Tongue Lane residents can sometimes hear the lions roaring across the fields. The location makes for a great day out at the Zoo which can be followed up with a meal at the nearby pub – what could be better?

There is also a dark side to this sexy street name, as it is said that a woman died in a horse carriage accident many years ago. Some say that she haunts the road of Warning Tongue Lane and can be seen in foggy weather, probably wearing some sexy lingerie and holding some lickable lube…


Fanny Hands Lane – Ludford

Arguably one of the funniest names on our list, Fanny Hands Lane is very real and can be found nestled within the countryside.

This small lane in Ludford got its name when a man named John Hands married a woman named Frances, and so her martial name of Fanny Hands became the name for the street. Home to only a few houses, those lucky enough to live on Fanny Hands Lane are surrounded by beautiful fields and rural views.


Kinkset – South Wales

This is another one of our fakes, South Wales sadly does not have a place called Kinkset. It does have a nice ring to it though…


Back End Lane – Scotland

Another fake! Did we catch you out with two in a row?

If you’re disappointed that Back End Lane is not real, don’t worry, Scotland is host to a number of naughty street names and places that are all very real.

I’m sure many of us would love to visit Twatt, Brokenwind, and Assloss. All of which can be found within Scotland.


Butt Lane – Stoke-on-Trent

We think we’ve saved the best until last with this real naughty street name.

A lane with an odd name but fascinating history as the designer for the famous World War II plane the Spitfire was born on Butt Lane in 1895. Not only this but in 18770, suffragist Ada Neild Crew was born on a nearby farm- going on to become very active in the fight for women’s rights and anti-war organisations. It seems we have a lot to owe to Butt Lane and its impact on Britain.

That’s the end of our list! Did you know any of these naughty British street names – or did we catch you out?