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Urethral Probe with Gradually Expanding Beads (and Thru-Hole)


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Made from body-safe metal, this Urethral Probe with Gradually Expanding Beads works in the bedroom as well as it does in a BDSM chamber or a medical/surgical role-play session.

The hooped ring at the end of the shaft is multi-purpose; not only will it prevent over-insertion (safety first) it also gives your penis the pierced look.

Suitable for intermediate and experienced sounders.

If you're a beginner, best to use a urethral probe that is thin and smooth whilst you get used to the feeling of having your urethra filled (if not a probe with a smooth surface at the very least one that is lacking overly shapely contours/surface textures). Try this one.

Back to this shaft, the shaft on the probe starts out thin and gradually gets wider, the beads that are evenly spaced along the shaft also gradually increase in size.

Giving pleasure to your penile nerves from the inside of your penis is simply a different way to stimulate nerves you've been stimulating throughout your adult life. The feeling quickly becomes so immense that you'll go from soft to rock-hard in no time.

(If combined with more commonplace forms of stimulation (i.e. from outside the penis), with the signals penetrating beneath the skin tissue, well, your penile nerves are being massaged from every angle possible. The result: you may never leave the house again.)

Seriously, there is a reason many sounders say the sensation urethral probing provides is just as (if not more) intense than other forms of penile pleasure.

Often compared to the feeling you experience when ejaculating, the only difference being the act of ejaculating is over in seconds, sounding is not. If you want to make it last minutes, or hours (if you can handle that much pleasure) then do so ? or like most people, string it out for a bit until you're desperate to actually ejaculate.

Tip: when and how do I insert urethral toys? Best to do it while you're still soft, hold your penis 90 degrees away from your body (so if you're laying down your penis should be pointing towards the ceiling), go extremely slow and work with gravity - you'll find gravity and lubrication do a lot of the work for you.

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Product SKU: 35876
  • Urethral Probe with Gradually Expanding Beads.
  • Longer than standard penis plugs, shorter than standard urethral sounds; a great in-between urethral stimulator.
  • In the bedroom, on the couch, or as part of a more elaborate medical/surgical themed set-up; works a treat in any environment.
  • Beads are evenly spaced along the shaft, gradually getting bigger the further along you go.
  • End of shaft has a hooped ring giving your penis a bad-ass pierced look. More importantly, it prevents over-insertion (safety first people).
  • Suitable for intermediate and experienced urethra toy users. <

Insertable length: 4.4 Inches / 11.2 cm / 112 mm Approx.

Total length (not inc. ring): 5.1 Inches / 13.1 cm / 131 mm Approx.

Diameter of tip: 0.13 Inches / 0.35 cm / 3.5 mm Approx.

Diameter of shaft at widest point: 0.19 Inches / 0.5 cm / 5 mm Approx. (near the ring).

Diameter of smallest bead: 0.27 Inches / 0.7 cm / 7 mm Approx.

Diameter of largest bead: 0.35 Inches / 0.9 cm / 9 mm Approx.

Diameter of hooped ring: 1.45 Inches / 3.7 cm / 37 mm Approx.

Material: Body-safe metal.

Weight: 35 g including attached ring.

Product SKU: 35876

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