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Silicone Anal Kit (Red)


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This 6-piece all-red Silicone Anal Kit puts you smack-bang in butt plug heaven. This anal kit has something for anal-play lovers of all experience levels: beginners who will need to take things slow with a mere finger-size toy (at first!), to intermediates and hardy veterans who have been enjoying years of joyous back-door adventures and can easily accommodate several Inches. Bonus-use for the fellas: you may have noticed the bulbous butt plug O-ring handle differs from the one on the small butt plug, the O-ring is larger and it features a pull-cord. Some male users have found this works as a great 2-in-1 bulbous butt plug and cock ring combo-toy where they wear the ring round the base of their penis (base of the shaft only) whilst the butt plug is inside them. It must be stressed that not all male users will be able to use this toy for this purpose, penis-size and general body-frame depending. If this is a manner of usage that interests you please refer to the size information near the bottom of this product's profile for this item's measurements. Large butt plug: strictly for the pro's. The top half of this plug is bumpy (some would say XXL ribbed) and packs more girth than the smooth thin(ner) bottom half. The centrepiece of this box-set. Cock rings x 2 (plain design & spoked design): we're not sure why a lot of anal themed box-sets include cock rings these days but we're not complaining as they are a handy little sex-accessory to keep bedside, they allow the wearer to last longer than normal with the added benefit of making their erection bigger, harder, more pumped-up and overall more statuesque. For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner. We advise you to only use water based lubricant with this toy.

Product SKU: 35321
  • This box-set includes:
  • Tiny butt plug: small and dinky butt plug, fun bumpy contours with a curved tip ? perfect for beginners.
  • Small butt plug with O-ring handle: standard-size butt plug (small to medium), a ribbed-swirl feature decorates this plug’s shaft for added naughtiness. The O-ring handle at the base assists both insertion and removal.
  • Bulbous butt plug with long O-ring handle: short-but-stubby two-bulb butt plug, the funky design makes this toy a wild ride, you’re sure to have fun negotiating its peaks and valleys. The O-ring handle at the base assists with easy-removal (due to the base of the plug being flat insertion can be achieved without the handle).

Tiny butt plug = Insertable length: 8cm approx. Total length: 8.5cm approx. Diameter: (at widest point, curved tip of plug) 2.2cm approx.
Butt plug with O-ring handle = Insertable length: 9.5cm approx. Total length: 13cm approx. Diameter: (at widest point, base of plug) 2.5cm approx.
Butt plug with long O-ring handle = Insertable length: 8.5cm approx. Total length: 10.5cm approx. Diameter: (at widest point, middle of plug ? bulbous feature) 3.5cm approx.
If you wish to use the O-ring handle as a cock ring (to be worn round the base of the shaft only, not round both the penis and testicles) please note this is a bonus-use only and not it’s main purpose, penis-size and general body-frame will determine whether this item is suitable for you to use in this way. Measurements are as follows:
Inner diameter of O-ring handle/cock ring: 4cm (non-adjustable). Length of handle’s pull-cord (from plug to O-ring): 9cm approx.
Large butt plug: Insertable length: 13cm approx. Total length: 15cm approx. Diameter: (at widest point, tip of plug) 3.7cm approx.
Cock ring (plain design): Inner diameter: 3.7cm approx (will stretch slightly).
Cock ring (spoked design): 3.5cm approx (will stretch slightly).

Product SKU: 35321

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