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Realistic Sex Doll: The Sexy X-Lite Lover

Sexy X-Lite Lover Realistic Sex Doll
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For Him

Realistic Sex Doll: The Sexy X-Lite Lover


The Sexy X-Lite Lover realistic sex doll is made from high quality, durable, organic polymer-foam giving her body a dense-but-soft texture that quickly warms up to body temperature should you fancy a snuggle. Treat her to a pretty little negligee, grab a blanket and allow her to become your real sex doll cuddle-buddy.

Petite and slender, she is proportionately accurate to an adult female, offering a true-to-life representation of what a young, slim, taut and nubile woman of her size and height (163cm) would look like. The only area of her body that has been enhanced is her breasts, pert and buxom, yet still crafted with a sense of perspective – if a woman this size were to get a ‘boob job’ this is probably the maximum size the doctors would recommend. The Sexy X-Lite Lover is a cheaper alternative to our Mona Lisa of lifelike love dolls – the De-luxe Play Partner realistic sex doll.

As the photos show, her face is exquisite. Modelled on the archetypal Asian beauty, the Far East’s centuries-old reputation for being home to some of the most stunning women in the world is the stuff of legend. Unlike most legends, however, this one is 100% true. Forever melting hearts with black hair, her wig is removable should her owner prefer a different hair colour and style; discover our large selection of wigs here. We’ve yet to see her wear a hair colour that doesn’t compliment her delicately sculptured features.

Her skeleton is made of sturdy plastic, other realistic sex dolls of comparable price and quality often have metal skeletal structures and are much heavier, making them less portable and for many owners less convenient. The Sexy X-Lite Lover weighs just under 8kg, making her considerably lighter than her non-inflatable peers.

Using the Sexy X-Lite Lover for sexual purposes

Vaginal penetration only. The Sexy X-Lite Lover cannot be used for oral or anal sex, there are no points of entry to facilitate such actions.

The Sexy X-Lite real sex doll comes with a removable silicone vaginal insert that can be enjoyed either on its own (with no interaction with the doll) or inserted into the doll for the full X-Lite Lover experience.

The vaginal insert has an insertable length of 15cm (or 6 inches). To insert your manhood, apply a small amount of water-based lubrication to the insert’s inner-lining.

Do not use the vaginal insert of this sex doll without a water-based lubricant, failure to do so will cause severe discomfort to the user and will harm the silicone, possibly causing it to tear. Water-based lubrication is the only type of lubricant you should use with the Sexy X-Lite Lover’s vaginal insert, using anything other than water-based lubricant will result in her vaginal insert depreciating.

Don’t forget to clean the vaginal insert afterwards using Pulse & Cocktails’ specially formulated toy cleaner. Remove the vaginal insert before cleaning and only use the toy cleaner on the vaginal insert, do not use the toy cleaner (or any other cleaner) on the Sexy X-Lite Lover’s main-body, face and limbs (cleaning instructions will be supplied and can also be found further down this product page near the bottom).

Even silicone sex toys that command a three-figure price-tag can become slightly sticky after a few uses, even if you follow all our recommended cleaning advice, due to the nature of the material. If you want her realistic sex doll vaginal insert to retain that first-time smoothness for a longer period of time, once you’ve cleaned her vaginal insert, make sure it is completely dry then before re-insertion lightly dust the vagina with talcum powder or corn-starch (sometimes referred to as cornflour).

You might find it takes a few attempts to discover what sexual positions work best, both for you and your real sex doll. Putting the Sexy X-Lite Lover in unsuitable positions will result in her appearance and functionality depreciating rapidly. A comprehensive guide to her range of acceptable movements can be found further down this product page beneath the Vital Measurements section.

“Inserting” the Vaginal Insert

You may find it tricky to push a silicone insert up into the Sexy X-Lite Lover’s foam body. The manufacturer recommends wrapping the insert in non-sticky plastic wrap or a plastic bag (small food bag), not only will this make insertion easier but by eliminating any possible friction – that may or may not occur – you protect the doll’s materials, both silicone and foam.

Vital Measurements

Weight = 8kg.

Height = 163cm (including the head) 147cm (without the head).

Chest girth = 61cm.

Bust girth = 77cm.

Waist girth = 55cm.

Hip girth = 80cm.

Thigh length = 43cm.

Thigh girth = 44cm.

Hand length = 16cm.

Feet length = 22cm.

Sex Doll Range of Movement

Yes the Sexy X-Lite Lover is a beautiful creation straight from the realm of fantasy but that does not mean all rules of reality have been forsaken, her body reflects the mechanics and agility of the average human body, so yes she can adopt multiple positions but she’s no contortionist. Just like a human, there is a limit to how flexible she is. We strongly recommend you do not put her in positions beyond these limits as you will damage your Sexy X-Lite sex doll.

Below is a guideline to her range of movement-ability:


Her waist can bend to the left and right, forwards and backwards, the angles for these movements are limited to 30 degrees.

Her waist can twist, the angle for this movement is limited to 45 degrees.


Head-bowing (forwards and backwards) should not exceed 30 degrees. Head swaying (to the left, to the right) should not go beyond 30 degrees.

Hips and Thighs

Her thighs can be spread apart by 130 degrees maximum (we do not recommend keeping them in this position for prolonged periods of time). Her thighs can also be raised and/or bent forward, the angle for this movement is limited to 60 degrees.

Upper Arms

Her upper arms can be raised forward, the angle for this movement is limited to 60 degrees. They can also be bent backwards (slightly), the angle for this movement is limited to 5 – 10 degrees.

Her upper arms can be raised and spread wide apart (on both sides), the angle for this movement is limited to 80 degrees.

Lower arms/wrists

Her lower arms can rotate in one direction, the angle for this movement is limited to 60 degrees. Her wrists can bend up and down, the angle for this movement is limited to 45 degrees (in either direction).

How to assemble

Each of her limbs has to be attached to her main body should you want to assemble her fully, as pictured. Using the yellow plugs (supplied) will make them much more secure.

Please note that once the limbs are secured to the body it can be difficult to remove them. For this reason we suggest you practise attaching the limbs to the body without using the yellow plugs before assembling them ‘for real’. Sounds silly, but we would not want you to make a mistake like attaching the right arm onto the left-hand side of the body, etc. With this sort of Homer Simpson “doh!” moment in mind, please take our advice and have a couple of practise-runs without the yellow plugs.

Please Consider

As a result of her movement, prolonged posturing and active use, you should expect the Sexy X-Lite Lover’s foam skin to develop a creased/textured appearance on the areas of the body most frequently used and put under duress.

This is a natural phenomenon pertaining to the material used and is unavoidable. For a visual representation of this, we recommend you thoroughly examine the many photos that feature on this product page, you might need to zoom in for some images.

You will notice that when you move your own body the skin on the affected body part(s) reacts by producing crease/texture lines, as you know this is perfectly natural and unavoidable. Your skin would certainly crease in all the same places the Sexy X-Lite Lover does if you were to recreate the poses she adopts in the pictures shown.

Please consider this with regards to usage and expectation, the foam is good under mild compression but can tear if subject to excessive duress/strain/tension.

Cleaning Your Realistic Sex Doll

Clean the Sexy X-Lite Lover with a completely dry cloth. Do not wet or apply any other cleaning fluid to the cloth.

Do not get the Sexy X-Lite Lover wet. Never wash the Sexy X-Lite Lover or attempt to clean her with any other cleaning fluid.

At the very most, use a slightly damp towel to gently remove surface besmirch, though depending on the severity and nature of the stain successful removal cannot be guaranteed.


Do not expose the Sexy X-Lite Lover Sex Doll to the blazing sun.

Store in a cool (not cold) and dry place and keep away from chemicals and open flames.

Keep the Sexy X-Lite Lover away from any items of clothing where there is a risk of the dye transferring to (and soiling) the surface skin.





Discreet Delivery

At Pulse & Cocktails, we understand how important discretion is to our customers so naturally we offer a completely discreet shopping service.

All orders are sent out in plain packaging and there is absolutely no way of telling what is inside the parcel or who the sender is, ensuring that your purchase is kept 100% private.

On your credit or debit card statement, your transaction will show as a payment to P & C Trading, so if somebody else does happen to see your card statement they will not know that you purchased from Pulse & Cocktails.

What will my package look like?

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Delivery Information


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Please note, if you request your parcel to be left in a safe place without a signature, we cannot be held liable if it goes missing.

Click & Collect Local Collection Point

At Pulse & Cocktails, we respect your shopping privacy and understand that whilst you may love our products, it is not always convenient to call into one of our stores. Therefore, we are delighted to offer our customers a new convenient and discreet Click & Collect service with over 1,500 collection points nationwide. This service allows you to pick up your goods when you want and at a Collection Point location that’s convenient for you. Read our full FAQs here.

Our Click & Collect local collection point service is available on orders £15 and above and is free of charge on any order £30 and above.  For orders £15-£29.99 standard delivery charges apply.

Simply, browse our website in private and select the items you require. Payment will be taken using our secure online payment system. Select the ‘Click & Collect Collection Point’ service from the delivery options and choose your nearest local shop. You will receive an order confirmation from us and another email confirming the local store you have chosen from our collection point service. When your parcel is ready to collect you will receive an email confirming that you can go and collect your parcel. There will be no mention of Pulse and Cocktails on the collection email. We will pick and pack your order in plain, sealed packaging ready for you to collect. There will also be no reference to Pulse and Cocktails on any packaging or communication to the collection point so no-one will know where your parcel has been sent from.

Please do not attempt collect your parcel without having received your confirmation email.


Pulse and Cocktails Collection


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Please note, the order cannot be collected without the above and you must wait until you have received the email confirmation before attempting to collect your order, as all orders are processed and dispatched from our mail order centre, not in store.



Delivery Service


Same Day Despatch


For orders placed on Monday to Friday before 3pm, we aim to despatch on the same day.

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To avoid missed deliveries, we provide a Tracking ID for all orders to a home/work address, so you can keep track of your parcel on the courier website.

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to addresses outside of the UK at this time.

Please note, orders are not dispatched on Saturday, Sunday or bank holidays and if you select delivery to the Highlands it may take longer than specified and the above delivery rates may vary.


If you haven’t received your order within the expected time period, then please get in touch:

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If you need to return something to us then please follow our quick and simple guidelines below. We have a different returns policy for in-store purchases to online purchases, so please refer to the correct one.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

How do I return a product I purchased from Pulse & Cocktails website?

We offer a 14-day online returns guarantee, which means that if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 14 days of receipt.

The items must be in their original unopened packaging with any seals and shrink-wrap intact and labels and tags still attached.

We are unable to exchange items that are not damaged, defective or incorrect after 14 days.

How to return an unwanted product

Fill out the returns form which is provided in your order. If you have lost this, please contact for a new one.

Wrap the items securely in the original packaging and include the completed returns form and return to the address below. We recommend that you use a recorded-delivery service, as we cannot be held accountable for any returns missing in the post.

Internet Department, Pulse and Cocktails, Canklow Meadows Industrial Estate, Rotherham, S60 2XL

Returns of damaged, defective or incorrect product

If you receive your order and the contents have been damaged in transit, or it includes an incorrect item, please contact us as soon as you find out. We will request that you return the items to us within 14 days of receipt and where necessary, we will send you a replacement as soon as possible.

How to return a faulty product

You have the right to return a faulty product for replacement or refund within a reasonable period of time. In the unlikely event that you have a faulty product, wrap the product securely in its original packaging (if possible) and return to us, along with details of the fault, including your original delivery slip, including your name, address and contact number. Please ensure you have followed the operational instructions correctly before returning.

How long will it take to receive my refund or exchange?

We aim to issue an exchange or full refund (excluding the delivery charge) as quickly as possible, please allow up to 7 days from receipt of the return to our Head Office.

Contact Details:

Email:                   Tel: 01709 835147 ext 210

Please note, online purchases cannot be returned to a Pulse & Cocktails retail store.

Click & Collect

Click & Collect orders are classed as an online order and the same returns policy applies. However, we may be able to deal with your return via the store if an exchange or replacement is required. Please contact us in advance using the contact details above.

Reserve & Collect

Reserve & Collect orders are classed as in-store purchases, please refer to our in-store returns policy here.

If you purchased your item in-store, please read our in-store returns policy here.


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