Pulse and Cocktails Rotherham Sex Store Makeover Launch

Here are Pulse and Cocktails we’re proud to announce that for the last 21 years we’ve been helping couples and singletons alike to keep the romance and pleasure alive, whilst building a nationwide empire.

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When did Pulse and Cocktails first open?

The first Pulse and Cocktails store originally opened in Rotherham in the late nineties and the store was the first of its kind. The Rotherham store gave customers the chance to see, touch and interact with sex toys, seductive lingerie, and other adult products before purchasing. A few years later, we then moved from the original Rotherham store to the current Rotherham store as we know it, situated on Canklow Meadows Industrial Estate.

“At the heart of the business remains the flagship store in Rotherham at Canklow Meadows, one of the largest in Europe”.

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How many stores do Pulse and Cocktails have now? (2019)

21 years later and there are now an additional 20 Pulse and Cocktails sex stores across the UK from Newcastle to Essex. With stores up and down the UK, there really is no excuse to not spice up your sex life! Whether you’re single or in a couple, there’s a range of adult sex toys and accessories to tickle everyone’s fancy. As a celebration of turning 21 years old, we’ve recently refurbished the flagship Rotherham store to feature a new boutique-style look and feel. Now you can browse the sexy lingerie under the glittering chandeliers and discover our wide range of sex toys, with hundreds of demos out and ready to see working. We’re humbled by the incredible feedback we received from customers on a daily basis saying how welcoming the store and staff are and how luxurious, light and friendly the Rotherham sexy superstore feels and we’d love to get your feedback too!

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No matter what your desires or fantasies are, we specialise in date night delights. If you’re looking to undress to impress we have just the outfit with our superior range of sexy lingerie as well as walls full of fetish accessories and sex toys if you want to up the bedroom ante. Remember – couples who play together stay together!

Pulse and cocktails Rotherham sex store sexy super store

For those who may be a little less naughty and more nice, here at Pulse and Cocktails we also stock a wide range of passion igniting products with everything from massage oil candles to light-hearted gifts, games and novelties.



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