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Metal Speculum


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For the uninhibited soul who allows their perverted fantasies to live and breathe, this Metal Speculum satisfies those with a thirst for intense vaginal stretching and those who like their sex with a heavy dose of medical/surgical mimicry.

Suitable for intermediates and advanced fetishists into either/or: vaginal stretching, BDSM or medical/surgical-play.

Another way to consider a speculum is to view it as a reverse chastity device; instead of being helplessly locked up, you're clamped wide open. Either way you're in a bind.

Made of body-safe metal, the classic 'beaked' or 'jawed' cylinder is attached to a 2-part locking mechanism that allows the jaws to expand, retract and remain clamped open at a controlled safe pace.

Locking mechanism: it adjusts and locks via a non-removable long screw and round-nut that goes through the hinge.

The user then positions the screw at the very top of the hinge (the screw should be in a horizontal line) with the nut at the end of the screw, you will know if you have done this correctly as the beak will be tightly shut, at the beak's end there should be no gap whatsoever.

Ensuring the screw remains at the top of the hinge, gently pull the nut away from the speculum, only slightly, the beak should open-up a little. After that, it's playtime baby ?

? twist the nut (initially it should slide across the thread easily until it's pressed up against the hinge), keep twisting and the more it consumes the screw the wider the jaws will open ?

? and will remain open until the user shows mercy and loosens the nut.

The more you twist the nut (with the jaws ever-widening) you will notice the screw starts to become angled, this is fine and is a sign the jaws are starting to get really wide. At this stage, very gently tilt the screw in a downwards direction so it's once again horizontal. Then, continue twisting the nut (if she can take it).

You will notice the screw also starts to move down the hinge, again this is fine and means you are either very close or have opened it up (and the lucky wearer's vagina) as wide as it can open (6 cm approx.).

Can it open-up wider? It can (10.5cm approx.), but it won't lock when it's that wide and will only open-up that wide if you loosen the screw and push the hinge back. With no locking mechanism in place the only way it will stay clamped open is if you physically hold it ?

? Aw, then both my hands are tied? ? Better call that mate who owes you a favour.

Important: when inserting the speculum please insert slowly and apply plenty of lubricant, insert it too quickly (even with lubricant applied) and you risk causing serious injury.

Lastly, we know metal toys cost a bit more than most standard toys but after the initial outlay they can save you money in the medium/long-term. As long as you clean them after every use * and store them responsibly, metal toys should outlive your other toys. As the saying goes, "look after you toys and they will look after you".

(* Toys made from metal and glass are the easiest to clean and, on average, hygienically superior than toys made from other materials, providing you clean and store them correctly.)

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Product SKU: 35768
  • Metal speculum for medical/surgical fun and games.
  • Unleash your inner gynaecologist.
  • Also great for anyone into vaginal stretching.
  • Perfect for vaginal inspection and appreciation.
  • Rare chance to stimulate the cervix (just an idea).
  • Adjustable locking mechanism allows the jaws/beak to lock at various widths.
  • Jaws/beak maximum locking width; 6 cm apart, nice and wide.
  • Not recommended for solo play.
  • Suitable for intermediates and advanced fetishists into either/or: vaginal stretching, BDSM or medical/surgical-play.


Insertable length: 3.1 Inches / 8 cm Approx.

Width of jaws/beak: (main body) 1.2 Inches / 3 cm Approx.

Width of jaws/beak: (base of main body, still part of insertable portion) 1.3 Inches / 3.3 cm Approx.

How wide does the beak open?

Maximum distance beak opens up (lip to lip): 4.1 Inches / 10.5 cm Approx. , but does not lock at this distance.

Locks at a maximum distance of (lip to lip): 2..4 Inches / 6 cm Approx.

Material: body-safe metal.

Lock: locks via non-removable screw and nut that goes through a hinge.

Product SKU: 35768

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