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Metal Finger Pinwheel


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If aromatic oil burners in a softly-lit bedroom is more your idea of sex-heaven, working together to conjure up a feast for the senses, then despite its harsh appearance this pin wheel can thrive in that environment just as effectively as any sex-dungeon.

Made from body-safe metal, this Finger Pinwheel features two rows of spiked wheels, both identical in size and style designed to roll across the receiver's skin simultaneously.

Designed to fit the average size UK finger (please see size information below), the user wears this pin wheel by simply putting a finger through the two holes and ? that's it, wheel away! (index, middle or ring finger's are the recommended fingers to use with this item)

(staff have also noticed that if you wear this item and hold it up to your face, donning a moody philosophical pose, it can make you look like a Hollywood super-villain)

As mentioned earlier, whilst a pinwheel is a popular BDSM item their usage should not be limited to those who yearn for (controlled) aggression, pain and being heavily bounded.

Many couples are discovering the pleasure of applying them to a session of erotic teasing, delivering a unique prickly-but-tickling sensation that offers the nerves something new and strangely exciting.

Don't forget, when rolling it over your partner's skin don't just travel down the familiar paths, sample those rarely explored parts; across the bum cheeks, soles of the feet, along the sides of the body, down the back of the thighs. Body-parts neither of you expected to be so receptive to this sort of sensory-play will be getting a lot more attention from now on.

Top tip: if you really want to surprise your partner and keep them in suspense, use it whilst they're tied up wearing an eye-mask.

But it looks so sharp, surely we will cut ourselves? When using an item like this against the skin, drawing blood is always a possibility, but BDSM gear is made with user-safety in mind (even the aggressive looking items), so as long as you use it responsibly the chances of you cutting yourselves are highly unlikely. You would have to use a pinwheel with needless excessive aggression for the recipient to be left with cuts or visible long-term marks.

Beginners who might be excited and yet slightly apprehensive about using a pinwheel for the first time needn't be feeling the latter, the user has complete control over the intensity of the wheel the entire time. Switch from light to heavier pressure in a heartbeat by simply exerting more downwards force as you roll the spiked-wheel over the receiver's skin. If the intensity is too much, do the opposite and ease up slightly.

Idea: if you're loving the idea of a gentle nerve-arousing toy to glide across the skin, but not the pinwheel (no matter how many times we stress it's safe to use), consider this Metal Ball Massager, there's nothing scary looking about this toy.

Okay, that's enough of the silk scarf and rose petal talk. It's only right, after all, there is a reason pinwheels feature in our bondage section.

For every person/couple that plans to use it subtly during foreplay, there's a Dom & Sub salivating over the prospect of being a bit more heavy-handed with it: a long session of flinching, squirming, body-tensing, pain inflicting fun and games where the spikes sharpness will definitely be a more aggressive feature, but again, not for some, even amongst BDSM lovers ?

? Some Dom's use pin wheels as one of their tools to liven-up their Sub's nerves, after the Sub's sensitivity levels have been primed to be more receptive to further nerve-stimulation, then (and only then) will things get intense as the full repertoire of the toy-box gets a thorough workout, as does the Sub's body.

Ever adaptable, pinwheels are also a favourite of those with a taste for medical/surgical-play, where the relationship between patient and doctor (or nurse) can either be one of utter compliance or reluctant obedience. Will the patient one day take over the asylum?

Lastly, we're well aware metal toys cost a bit more than most standard toys but after the initial outlay they can save you money in the medium/long term (as long as you use, clean, and store your metal toy responsibly). As the saying goes, "take care of your toys and they'll take care of you".

Product SKU: 35770
  • Body-safe, metal pinwheel with sharp spikes.
  • User wears it on their finger for even easier exploration.
  • 2 rows of spiked rolling wheels, identical in size and style.
  • Evenly-spaced spikes ensure the wheel rolls across the skin smoothly.
  • Can be used all over the body, awakens and enlivens the nerves.
  • Pleasure or pain? User’s choice. User is in total control of how intense the pressure is on the recipient’s skin.
  • Can be used in a variety of settings; a gentle ambience where slow sensuous foreplay and sexual teasing is centre-stage, a boundary-pushing BDSM session, or a medical/surgical scenario. Again, user’s choice.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced toy-users.

Length of pin wheel-spikes: 0.2 Inches / 0.6 cm Approx.

Total length: 5.11 Inches / 13 cm Approx.

Important: this finger pin wheel is designed to accommodate the average size UK finger, please measure the user’s finger(s) before purchasing this item. The size of the wheel’s finger holes are below:

Inner diameter of finger rings: (base ring) 0.9 Inches / 2.3 cm Approx. (middle ring) 0.66 Inches / 1.7 cm Approx.

Insertable length (finger only): 3.5 Inches 9 cm Approx. (maximum length before you reach the angle and get too close to the wheel).

Material: Body-safe metal.

Product SKU: 35770

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