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Metal 10-Row Pinwheel


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Even if bondage isn't something that appeals to you, the great thing about pinwheels is you can use them in pretty much any sexual environment.

Dim the lights, strike a match to those incense sticks, have soft music playing in the background; if this is more your scene then good news, pinwheels are just as appropriate for your boudoir of love as they are for the hard-core BDSM dungeon.

Made from body-safe metal, this 10-Row Pinwheel features ten rows of spiked wheels, all identical in size and style, all designed to roll across the recipient's skin simultaneously.

Ten rows! ? ? Ten.

As stated earlier, pinwheels shouldn't just be associated with (controlled) aggression, pain and BDSM. A lot of couples use them in foreplay; prolonged subtle teasing where the wheel delivers a prickly tickling sensation that offers the nerves something new, unfamiliar, pleasurable and exciting.

One great aspect of this pin wheel being a 10-rower is the amount of ground you can cover in one motion ? though that's no excuse for the session ending quickly.

When rolling it over your partner's skin be sure to explore parts you often neglect during sex, when deviating from the well-trodden path you never know what hidden beauty spots you might unearth; soles of the feet, across the bum cheeks, back of the thighs, along the sides of the body. After discovering how receptive they are to this style of sensory-play, body-parts neither of you really paid much attention to will never be starved of affection again.

Top tip: if you really want to surprise your partner and keep them in suspense, use it whilst they're tied up wearing an eye-mask.

But it looks so sharp, surely we will cut ourselves? When using an item like this against the skin, drawing blood is always a possibility, but BDSM gear is made with user-safety in mind (even the aggressive looking items), so as long as you use it responsibly the chances of you cutting yourselves are highly unlikely. You would have to use a pinwheel with needless excessive aggression for the recipient to be left with cuts or visible long-term marks.

First-time user who despite the safety-reassurance is still concerned it might be too intense for their needs?

It's natural to be a little anxious when trying out something new, but the great thing about pinwheels is the user has total control over its intensity. You can be as light-handed or heavy-handed as you want, the choice is 100% yours. By simply exerting more downwards pressure whilst rolling the spiked-wheels over the receiver's skin you increase the pressure, if it's too intense for the other person then ease up slightly, it really is that simple.

Still slightly apprehensive? See how you get on with either the Single Pin Wheel or the Triple Pinwheel before advancing to this 10-rower.

Find these alternatives too threatening? But still loving the idea of a gentle nerve-arousing toy to glide across the skin? Consider this Metal Ball Massager, there is absolutely nothing scary looking about this toy.

From the bedroom to the dens of depravity: after all, there is a reason why pinwheels are more commonly found in our bondage section. In spite of all the 'vanilla' talk you've just read, its roots are unapologetically in BDSM.

That doesn't necessarily mean the user is going to brandish it with great force, of course some will (why waste this instrument's sharpness?), but some won't. Some use it merely to perk-up their Sub's nerves, after which the Sub's sensitivity-levels have been primed to be more receptive to further nerve-manipulation. Then (and only then) does the going get tough as the contents inside the torturer's toy-box get put to good use. As with everything in life, each to their own.

Ever adaptable, pinwheels are also a favourite of those with a taste for medical/surgical-play, where the relationship between patient and doctor (or nurse) can either be one of utter compliance or reluctant obedience. Will the patient one day take over the asylum?

Lastly, we're well aware metal toys cost a bit more than most standard toys but after the initial outlay they can save you money in the medium/long term (as long as you use, clean, and store your metal toy responsibly). As the saying goes, "take care of your toys and they'll take care of you".

Product SKU: 35761
  • Body-safe, 10-row metal pinwheel with sharp spikes.
  • 10 rows of spiked rolling wheels, identical in size and style. Ten!
  • Evenly-spaced spikes ensure the wheel rolls across the skin smoothly.
  • Can be used all over the body, awakens and enlivens the nerves.
  • Pleasure or pain? User’s choice. User is in total control of how intense the pressure is on the recipient’s skin.
  • Can be used in a variety of settings; a gentle ambience where slow sensuous foreplay is centre-stage, a boundary-pushing BDSM session, or a medical/surgical scenario. Again, user’s choice.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced toy-users.

Length of pin wheel-spikes: 0.2 Inches / 0.5 cm Approx.

Total length: 6.7 Inches / 17 cm Approx.

Material: Body-safe metal.

Product SKU: 35761

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