Masturbation Levelling Up Tips to Satisfy your Joystick

No matter what you call it, w*nking, jerking off, rubbing one out, or having a solo session, masturbation can be a useful way to relieve stress, try out new sex toys, and explore what you’re into in the bedroom.

Don’t get us wrong, masturbation is great, but sometimes we can feel like we’re playing on easy mode when we constantly use the same forms of stimulation to get ourselves off. Using different toys, lubes, and exploring masturbation techniques can make it more fun and more satisfying when you finally ‘beat the level’.

It’s time to explore the realms of self-pleasure and level up your masturbation game, and we’ve got the top tips to help.

The masturbation sensation, why it’s good for you

Not only does masturbation help to relieve stress, improve productivity, and can even help relieve period pains, it’s a natural part of life. It helps us to love our bodies, and recognise what’s normal for us and when things feel off.

Furthermore, masturbation can help improve sexual relationships, allowing you to discover different ways in which you and your partner can pleasure each other. Trust us, they’ll love learning the ways to get you off.

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Did you know almost half the population in England owns a sex toy?

That’s right, a whopping 48% of us own a dildo, rabbit vibrator, masturbation cup, or cock ring. Over the last few decades, sex toys have grown in popularity, offering many different options for those wanting to change up their masturbation techniques. Now there are more toy options than you can shake a joystick at, allowing us to make masturbation marvellous by introducing new stimulations and techniques into our solo sessions.



Temperature Play

Did you know you can use ice and heat to masturbate? Temperature play is the practice of using cold and warm stimulation alongside sex and masturbation to create exciting sensations and enhance orgasms.

Due to your nerves being on high alert during masturbation, stimulating these nerves with cold sensations can be extra arousing. Using an ice cube to cool down your hand before rubbing away with some slick lube makes your body even more aware of the sensations, making your experience more intense. We do not recommend using an ice cube straight onto your genitals, however, as you could experience discomfort or even potentially freeze the cube onto yourself if it’s straight out of the freezer, ouch!

Luckily, glass sex toys do a wonderful job of adapting to temperatures. Place a glass dildo or butt plug into a bowl of warm or cold water for a few minutes, and enjoy the new sensations with silky smooth glass. Remember to always clean up afterwards, and never use the same toy for vaginal and anal play, for hygiene reasons.

Not so sure on temperature play? Try beating off in the bath

Levelling up your masturbation does not have to be done purely in the bedroom or the shower. A warm bath can work wonders to stimulate your senses and give you some much needed alone time. No one will know what you’re doing and you can even play some masturbation music to muffle any incriminating noises.

The rise of waterproof toys has created the perfect companions to take alongside us into bathtime beat offs. Dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators of all kinds have been made bathtime-friendly to help make your evening soak a bit sexier. Not only does the warm water help to relax your body and mind, it also can help with cleaning up, no need to worry about getting anything on your clothes if you’re not wearing any!



Our top 3 recommendations for magical bathtime masturbation:


Hands-free fun with remote controlled toys

Sometimes it can be frustrating to have to hold your vibrator, dildo, or prostate stim in place whilst trying to work the different buttons. When masturbating you want to experience the full knee-jerking sensations without trying to keep the slippery toy in that perfect spot.

Remote control toys are the best solution to level up your masturbation to hands-free. Grab that controller and feel the freedom of controlling your stimulation whilst standing up, with cuffs on, or even stimulating yourself in other ways with your free hands.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can even use toys like our Hidden Joy Panty Stimulator and wear your remote controlled toy when out and about for the ultimate adrenaline rush. These toys can be extremely exciting for masturbation thrill-seekers and are often found to be the most fun at concerts and gigs, where the pulsations of the music work hand in hand with the vibrations of your toy.

Remember, always think about where you’re going to be wearing your remote controlled toys when out in public, a remote control vibrating butt plug could be very difficult to explain when passing through a metal detector.


Level up with lubes and aftercare

Lubricants aren’t just for partner play, lubes can enhance masturbation by helping toys to glide over your sensitive areas and even provide additional stimulation.

Ladies, try applying a drop of tingle sensation lube to the end of your vibrator before placing the toy against your clit. The combination of the tingle and the vibrations will activate every nerve and send you into a mind-blowing orgasm.

For Fellas, try using the lube within a masturbator cup, or stroker to provide the sensation across your shaft. Couple this with a prostate stimulator or butt plug during your session to go the extra level.

Whether you use lubricants when masturbating or not, wiping off and cleaning your toys once your session is over is important for general hygiene. You wouldn’t go into the boss level without making sure your weapon was ready, would you? So always clean up afterwards with our toy cleaner, and store your toys in a dry place where they’re unlikely to get damaged.


Takeaways for your next adventure…

When experimenting with new lubes, toys, and other forms of masturbation, it’s important to make sure that your chosen lubes are compatible with your toys and are suitable for temperature play should you try it. You don’t want to risk damaging your toys, so always read the label.

Along with this, take new techniques slow if you’ve never tried them before. Remember, safety first and happy w*nking!