Lockdown Love Savers: 9 Ideas to Spice up Lockdown

lockdown sex ideas

2020 is over and 2021 has now entered the chat, but with the doom and gloom of pandemics and lockdowns making their way into the new year, it’s hard on us all, especially for those of us who are stuck at home trying to satisfy our basic human need for ✨pleasure✨

Well, look no further as the gang at Pulse and Cocktails have you covered for any desire you might have.

If you’ve been embracing Lockdown with your partner, then you are definitely doing something right, but if you have noticed a drop in your libido or have found it hard to gather the energy or wanting to have sex with your partner during lockdown then don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone.

A recent report revealed that due to the effects of coronavirus, any form of sexual activity in UK adults (868 participants) was lower than 40% and in turn, around 60% of us brits are having no sex at all… Now that’s not ok with us!

Well why is that and what can we do? 

There can be many reasons for this but one that stands out is that when we’re feeling stressed or under a lot of pressure, our bodies can do some wild things. Diminishing mental health can take a massive toll on our libido and Being over-stressed can exhaust our bodies making it harder for us to have the energy to even think about a long night of passion.

So, what do we suggest? 

There are lots of things you can do together and at Pulse and Cocktails, we pride ourselves on enabling lovers to have the best experiences possible. From our books and blogs to the specially tailored Lockdown sex kits, we have everything you could ever want or need to satisfy your every desire. And as we always say “Couples that play together, stay together

Here are a few Lockdown Love Savers you can try at home this Valentine’s Day:


Learn a new skill!

We’re not talking about knitting or a second language, noooo, we mean something a little more NSFW. What about learning some shibari rope work? This amazing skilful art can take your sex life to the next level. Do you know how to tie your partner up in a safe way? Shibari is a work of art, you may not be able to display it above your fireplace, but it looks incredibly sexy on your partner and if your kinky enough you could suspend them from your roof!! Quite the feature we must say. At Pulse & Cocktails, we have a wide variety of different types of rope you can use, hessian, Jute and nylon all in various lengths.

If you have never seen shibari, take a look at our Shibari training videos on YouTube to give you a better idea.


Make light work of housework

Keeping up to date with the daily housework can be a massive feat when you’re lacking motivation and they can quickly pile up, but now we’re all stuck at home for the 3rd time running, we think it’s time to maybe look at these ‘everyday chores’ a little differently…

How is cleaning sexy you say? Well with a bit of imagination it can be a fantastic foreplay exercise. Why not ask your partner to clean the house naked! You then sit and watch, all the while building the sexual tension, ooooo and dig out your feather duster!!

If you’re not feeling going completely nude, then why not try one of our French maid or Butler outfits, you can always count on a little dressing up to get the pulse racing!

For our kinkier customers, why not try a bit of Sub and Dom roleplay? Maybe one of you has been naughty and as punishment, you must clean the house. And, if they do a good job there might be a treat at the end… but only if the master allows it!


Tend the rose bush

Never had sex outdoors? Well, the pandemic might have put a halt to that, but what about your own garden? Dig out your knee pads and give your flower(s) the attention it deserves. Clear out the shed, create yourself a workstation where you can enjoy a steamy session. You can have the thrill of outdoor sex in the safety of your own space, feel the grass between your fingers and your partner between your legs. Take it to the next level by introducing some roleplay! What about the gardener and client? They have come to tend to sort your flower boxes out. Be cheeky with it and have fun.

But my partner will be home any minute… 

Roleplay is a great way to get creative with different scenarios and explore sides of yourself and your partner you might not even know existed. There are lots of classics from the sexy maid to the naughty police officer.

Dress up in uniform, knock on the door, unannounced, the person at home has only just got out of the shower, carrying a box of ‘sexy goodies’ and seduce the receiver. Even better why not order yourself some fresh new toys from us to really spice things up and unwrap your new package together. “Can you help me unpack this please Mr delivery man”.

Live your sexy fantasies properly with a wig… it’ll feel so naughty, almost like an affair. Speaking of which, if a naughty affair is your fantasy, our Monogamy sex game will definitely help you with that Monogamy is different from other adult board games on the market as the emphasis is on communication between you and your partner – finding out what really turns each of you on and then translating this into an erotic fantasy to remember at the end!

If you’ve got the paint, we’ve got the restraints! 

This one is a classic, as seen on a plethora of chick flicks, you start decorating a room and you playfully flick a little paint on your partner and somehow that leads to a night of passionate sex. I mean, sounds good to me?

But with the rise in home decorating and DIY, why not use this as an opportunity to satisfy your every need. Even think of that as your planning your rooms and decorating, why not make your bedroom the playroom from 50 shades, who’s stopping you? (Certainly not us!)

Read erotic stories together

A cheeky bedtime story for adults? Sometimes listening and imagining is better than watching… trust us. Use a book to live out your fantasy, whether you’re a couple or single, anyone can get lost in an erotic novel or two. You can get 1000s of erotic stories for free on the internet, there will be a story for every taste. You could even use an erotic story to introduce your partner to a particular fantasy with a view to playing it our together at a later date.


Roll the dice, I dare you… 

With the great choice of adult games, we sell here at Pulse and Cocktails these are the perfect way to spend a long night of passionate play together, one of the best ones on the market and one we also sell is the Monogamy board game for couples.

This sexy game will have you exploring each other’s body for hours on end resulting in one of the most passionate nights you will have this lockdown.

The great thing about an adult board game is that it takes all the planning and thinking out of everything, all you have to do is roll the dice, turn over the card and let the game take control. Thank us later!


Netflix & Chill or Amazon Prime & Alone Time

Yes, Netflix and chill is a thing and has almost become a staple in most relationships, more so that everyone has been binge-watching the latest series on all streaming platforms,

But this makes us think, why are you all watching the latest episode when you could be watching something else instead?

We are talking about Porn, although a taboo subject in some relationships Porn is a fantastic way to explore each other and get great ideas about what to do in the proses. Whether for sexual pleasure or masturbation, porn is an excellent way to get to know each other and experience new things.

Why not check out our blog on The Importance of Buying Porn from a Legal Sex Store

This will give you a great understanding of why choosing the right porn is a great idea for your relationship.

A Sexy Sensual Massage

Last but far from least on our list is a simple full body erotic massage, yes a lot of people forget these things even exist but they are truly the best way to get a fantastic night started and always lead to some naughty business.

There are many ways you can perform the perfect massage and lots of great material online to read or watch on how to but the main thing is that you go gently and slowly, but not too gentle.

Use plenty of oil. Our beautiful honey and vanilla massage oil is perfect for deep-tissue body erotic massages that lead into a naughty night ahead. Plus, a few drops of this miracle elixir into a hot steamy bath and you have yourself a sexy sensual aromatic experience, now we all know what fun we can have in the bath.



Hopefully, this helps you and 2021 won’t all be the doom and gloom from 2020, after all, it can only be what you make of it, so do us a favour, make this year a good one.

Love, P&C xoxo