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Leopard Print Leather Cuffs


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    Discreet delivery & billing on all orders

Leopard print is a lot like Marmite, or Channel 5, you either love it or detest it with a passion. We at Pulse & Cocktails unashamedly fall into the first category and encourage everybody to stop suppressing those innate cravings and unleash the animal within with these adjustable Leopard Print Leather Cuffs ? either that or when you're wearing them just pretend you're the wife of a New York mobster (they always drape themselves in leopard print). Made from genuine leather, the two colour combinations that make these cuffs standout from the crowd compliment each other beautifully: firstly, the black/white leopard print provides a stunning backdrop for the plain black adjustable strapping that secondly, works well when paired with the glistening chrome fixings - providing extra glamour to what would otherwise be perfunctory. The fastening holes are fitted with stylish metal rings. Metal studs not only secure the adjustable straps to the main body of the cuffs but also keep the metal D-rings firmly in place. Each cuff is fitted with a D-ring allowing the cuffs to be bound together by way of a short lightweight metal chain that has key-ring style dog-clips at both ends. The beauty of this is both cuffs are detachable from the chain, meaning both cuffs - and even the chain - can be used with other separates (you may want to switch to a longer/shorter chain, or use some rope even).

Product SKU: 33282
  • Connecting dog clip chain.
  • Ideal for bondage beginners and pros.

Size: Adjustable to fit most wrist sizes (and some ankle sizes), fastens via a standardised buckle and pin (identical to most belt buckles).
Material: Faux leather.

Product SKU: 33282

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