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Our Sexy Superstores has over 1000 hardcore DVD titles in stock for you to browse at your leisure! Here you will find a selection of some of our best sellers that we have made available to order or reserve online and collect from your chosen store.

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Adult DVD Exchange

Another great reason why customers choose to buy from us is that we offer a very popular and unique exchange club. Customers automatically become a member when they buy 3 films or more, allowing them to bring back their films (if they wish) and exchange them for new titles for as little as £6.66 each and they can do that as many times as they want. This fantastic scheme enables our customers to watch 100s of films very cheaply from our vast library of movies and they can exchange them at any Pulse and Cocktails store, not just the one they purchased from.

Why should I visit a Pulse and Cocktails DVD department?

With 1000’s of titles available to browse in-store, we have one of the best DVD departments of any adult stores in the U.K. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer advice on which films suit your tastes. Whether it’s a sensual couples film to watch with your partner or Double Penetration, Lesbian, Bondage, Fetish or MILF – whatever your ultimate fantasy, we stock it.

Why do your films have a blue R18 badge on them?

The R18 label signifies that a film has been approved by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification). The ‘R’ stands for Restricted, which means that the sale of these films is restricted to Licensed Sex Shops only. The R18 Badge eliminates the possibility of material containing any non-consensual intercourse, acts of inappropriate violence and also guarantees all Actors/Actresses are of 18 Years or over. PLEASE NOTE: It is illegal to sell or purchase an R18 film from anywhere other than a licensed sex shop. This includes mail order and the Internet.

Are all the films the same thing?

Nope, far from it in fact. As demands change and opinions towards adult films broaden the directors behind the top film brands put more emphasis than ever into creating a unique angle for their studio label. Using settings, surroundings, camera angles, locations, style of action, music etc. each one maintains their own style to appeal to a variety of different viewers.

But I can watch the same for free, right?

Not likely. Given the hardcore nature of the films we sell and their R18 Classification these films can only be purchased from a government-licensed sex shop, they cannot be legally purchased mail order, so do not be conned by adverts claiming they will post you an R18 film when it arrives it will only be the 18 version. So it is very unlikely that any top studio producers will allow free sites to show their content.

How can I buy an Adult Film from Pulse and Cocktails?

The films listed on our website are merely a taster of the selection of porn we have in our sexy superstores. You can reserve and collect a film online or pop into one of our 19 Pulse and Cocktails stores across the UK to browse our full selection. You must be 18 or over to shop with us. Find your local Pulse and Cocktails store here