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Curved Metal Anal Hook 3.5 Inch


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This classically formed Curved Metal Anal Hook is a piece of evil genius, one of the most versatile and essential restraint tools in any Mistress or Master's arsenal.

Not for beginners, for advanced BDSM players only.

That's not to say beginners shouldn't read on, even the most worldly Domme started out a dough-eyed newbie. If what you read excites you, this time next year maybe ?

The anal hook is at the centre of your restraint fantasy, deviously using the Sub's own body against them to keep them in this tightly-bound predicament. Plainly put, the short end with the ball gets inserted deep inside the Sub's backside and the long end with the eyelet is used to attach the hook (now an extension of your Sub) to some rope, chain, cuffs, etc. Your BDSM masterpiece is complete.

The beauty of this hook is you might have a scenario in mind that you're struggling to bring to life with the restraint sets available. This is that missing link.

Another reason anal hooks are popular is metal doesn't budge or loosen, so the Sub will be discouraged from squirming or wriggling about; if they foolishly decide to act disobediently they risk ending up with a very sore bum, do they need reminding you've plunged a hook into their arse?

Put it like this, any movement they are able to perform is all movement you sanction, you're in a generous mood.

The above is actually one of the main reasons we don't recommend anal hooks to those just starting out, metal's inflexibility means it can be painful if used incorrectly (remember, anal-tissue is very sensitive).

Top tip: if used on a man the ball and hook's curvature can be used to stimulate his prostate (now widely acknowledged as a man's G-spot) although to achieve this it's a lot easier when not being deployed as a BDSM restraint tool, assuming your restraint set-up follows the norm of having the eyelet heading towards the wearer's lower back rather than the floor.

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Product SKU: 35855
  • curved Metal Anal Hook; a BDSM classic.
  • Short end with the ball goes inside the Sub’s bum, whilst ?
  • Long end with the eyelet is attached to rope, chains, etc.
  • Metal doesn’t budge or loosen, movement is kept to a strict minimum (depending on how they are bound-up).
  • If the Sub tries to move too much the hook up their bum will painfully remind them to stop misbehaving.
  • If used on a man the ball and hook’s curvature can be used to stimulate his prostate (ideally when not attached to BDSM restraint items).

Insertable length (including ball): 3.5 Inches / 9 cm Approx.

Diameter: 1.18 Inches / 3 cm Approx. (ball), 0.47 Inches / 1.2 cm Approx. (rod)

Material: Body-safe metal.

Weight: 110 g Approx.

Product SKU: 35855

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