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Comfy Harness (Purple)


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This sexy looking Comfy Harness (with purple front panel) features 4 silicone O-ring's that easily attach to the harness giving you the freedom to use different size dongs whilst saving you the hassle (and expense) of having to buy an entirely new strap-on set each time you fancy using a different dong. The inventiveness of this harness doesn't end with its adaptability, at the front (where the O-ring is located) is a tiny pocket stitched into the inner lining allowing the wearer the option of inserting a mini wireless vibrating bullet. With it permanently placed there, continuously sending intense vibrations to the wearer's nether region it can only inspire the wearer to ride faster and harder. Their lover can thank them later. The 4 silicone O-rings are arguably the standout feature, each one a different size, each one only taking seconds to attach to the harness. How do they work? Select a ring that's going to fit comfortably round the top of the dong's suction cup. Most suction cups are made from fairly bendy and flexible material, so compressing it slightly and feeding the suction cup through the ring should be easy, do this until the ring is positioned at the top of the suction cup, just behind the balls (dong depending). Place the dong in the centre of the harness's frontage where the buttoned-up straps are located. Unbutton the straps and feed the straps through the ring (between the dong and the ring - yes it's a snug fit) then gently pull the straps until the buttons are able to be done up . Button-up the straps and voila, your dong should be secure and ready to use. It's actually a lot simpler than it sounds. Inner diameter of O-rings: 1) 1.25? 2) 1.57? 3) 1.75? 4) 2?. Remember: because the straps need to be fed through the ring it's important there remain sufficient space between the dong and the ring, otherwise you will struggle to weave the straps through and you also seriously risk damaging the harness. Note: vibrating bullet not included. Note: dong's sold separately. Suggestion: the Comfy Harness was designed in tandem with a limited but varied range of dong's, all of which can be found in the "you may also like" section (see below this write-up). We recommend pairing this harness with any one of these dong's to avoid compatibility issues, ensuring both harness and dong are the perfect match, resulting in your experience being one to remember (for all the right reasons).

Product SKU: 35825
  • Easy to use, suitable for strap-on users of all experience levels.
  • Cushioned back provides comfort, purple-felt front provides style.
  • Comes with 4 O-rings, each ring a different size, enabling users to attach different size dongs to this harness.
  • Saves you the hassle (and expense) of buying a whole new strap-on set every time you want to switch to a smaller/bigger dong.
  • A naughty pocket located on the inside panel allows a bullet vibrator to be placed against the wearer’s clitoris/pubic area.
  • Fully adjustable (up to 60? waist).

O-rings x 4
Inner diameter of O-rings:
1.25 Inches / 3.17 cm, 1.57 Inches / 4 cm, 1.75 Inches / 4.45 cm, 2 Inches / 5.1 cm Approx.
Material: body-safe silicone.
Size: fully adjustable (up to a 60? waist).
Adjusts using neoprene strapping and stays fastened via tension buckles (identical to how most rucksack straps adjust).
Material: neoprene (strapping), leatherette PVC (main body of harness), velvety felt (purple front).

Product SKU: 35825

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