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Choosing the Right Strapons

There are many different styles of strap-ons available, and it is important to get the right harness for you.

First, consider if you want a strapless strap-on or one with a more secure harness system, or if you have any special requirements such as size. Our Fetish Fantasy plus size harness is ideal for larger frames.

One of the most innovative products is the Vac U Lock Harness 2, which is available to buy as either a kit including a detachable dildo, or a plain harness, with different attachments available separately. These attachments offer the possibility of getting your fantasy exactly right, or using more than one attachment in a single session, switching them easily and quickly using the Vac u lock system.

Available attachments include the Double Penetrator, Jelly Probe and Realistic 8”.

Whether you need a hollow dong style strapon is also important, and if you do, whether you want it to vibrate. Hollow strap-ons are designed for men to wear, so that their existing Penis is comfortably placed inside of the dildo.

Consider the size and type of dildo you would be comfortable with, and discuss it with your partner. It is important that you are both completely happy with the apparatus and know whether it is for anal or vaginal play.