Adult Movie Sticks



 What are Adult Movie Sticks?

Adult movie sticks are the latest in technology for porn On-The-Go.

In a world of smartphones and tablets not everyone has time for the good old DVD when it comes to watching porn, but now with Adult movie sticks you will never miss an opportunity again.


How do they work?

Your chosen movies are downloaded in store to your Adult movie stick and that is where they stay, so unlike any online viewing your mobile device remains risk free from digital footprints or viewing history.

Available for OTG (On The Go) compatible Android and Apple Devices. These unique sticks have both a USB and either an Apple lightening connector or Android micro USB connector to plug directly into your mobile device.

100’s of digital titles to choose from in store

Discreet and pocket-sized you can use it whenever the opportunity arises. It requires no internet connection and no download time, it will play instantly on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or even smart TV, perfect for that romantic hotel weekend away and anywhere else that takes your fancy, on holiday, while camping, or even in the garden shed, the choice is yours.



 Products & Prices


 film-stick-page-banner-5Keep your content private & secure with Safe-view

Our High Speed USB 3 Adult Movie Sticks are supplied with a 3 digit combination lock which can be reset to a code of your choice.

The lock fits over the exposed USB connector and once secured in place eliminates the ability to access the content.

This makes unauthorized viewing impossible, giving you peace of mind that if anyone was to find it by mistake, work colleague, partner or the kids, they would never know what was on it.


Where to buy them

Adult Movie Sticks are available exclusively to Pulse and Cocktails Licensed Sex Shops. All films available are BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) Certificated R18 and can only be purchased from a Licensed Sex Shop it is illegal to purchase them mail order or online.

If you want to know more about Adultmoviesticks, please e-mail with your enquiry and we will be happy to help.